A visual representation of the RAPIDX Train inauguration by Prime Minister Modi during Navaratri, marking India's introduction to rapid rail travel.

PM Modi’s Launch of RAPIDX Train in india During Navaratri- Information on the India’s innovative rapid rail system, RapidX

On October 21 RapidX, this premium coach with reclining seats, ladies’ compartment and wheelchair-accessible facilities will begin its journey as a pioneer of India’s regional express train service. The inauguration of this important 17 km stretch of the massive 82 km Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut corridor took place in Sahibabad on Friday under the patronage of Prime Minister…

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India vs Sri Lanka: A Cricketing Rivalry Revisited

India vs Sri Lanka: A Cricketing Rivalry Revisited Cricket is more than just a sport in India and Sri Lanka; it’s a religion, a passion that unites millions of fans. The rivalry between these two cricketing nations has a long and storied history, filled with unforgettable moments, fierce competitions, and incredible talents. In this article,…

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