Satellites from Singapore ,TeleOS-2 and Lumilite-4 being sent into low earth orbit

PSLV- C55 satellites launch

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) launched the PSLV- C55 rocket at. It is flying from the Satish Dhawan Space Center at Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh with two satellites from Singapore and ISRO’s platform POEM. Both the satellites will be placed in low earth orbit. At the same time, POEM will do some testing in the vacuum of space. This is the 57th flight of PSLV. The satellites each weigh around 16 kg and 741 kg. Both are Singaporean. They are meant to be launched into an orbit with a low inclination that faces east.

POEM platform

The full form of POEM is PSLV Orbital Experimental Module. PSLV that is PSLV Orbital Experimental Module is a four stage rocket. Its three stages fall into the ocean. The last i.e. the fourth stage, which is also called PS4, after the satellite is delivered to its orbit, the garbage of space remains. Now POEM will be used to experiment on top of this.

PSLV- C55 satellites launch

Singapore’s Satellites

  •  TELEOS-2


The Singapore government has prepared it in collaboration with the engineering students there. Once deployed and operational, it will be used to support the satellite imagery requirements of various agencies within the Government of Singapore. Will Capable of providing day and night and all weather coverage. Also capable of imaging at 1m full-polarimetric resolution.
The measurement of the angle of rotation of the plane of polarised light that results upon passing it through transparent materials is known as polarimetry. Polarised light is a beam of light in which the vibrations of the electromagnetic waves are confined to one plane.


It is built in partnership with the Infocom Research Institute (I2R) of Singapore and the Satellite Technology and Research Center (STAR) of the National University of Singapore. It aims to enhance Singapore’s e- navigation maritime safety and benefit the global shipping community. LUMELITE4 is an advanced 12U satellite developed for the technological demonstration of the High-Performance Space-borne VHF Data Exchange System (VDES). VHF stands for very high frequency. This means that the satellite is designed to demonstrate the high-performance exchange of very high frequency data in space. Using this VDES communication payload developed by I2R and STAR’s scalable satellite bus platform, it aims to augment Singapore’s e-navigation maritime safety and benefit the global shipping community.



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