World’s tallest yacht: Amazon founder Jeff Bezos now owns the world’s tallest yacht


Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has bought a new superyacht. In the past, Bezos was seen with his girlfriend on this three- storey yacht. The name of the yacht is ‘Koru’ and the price is around $500 million. Convert it to rupees, then it is more than 4 thousand crores. This is the world’s tallest yacht. It has three huge 229 feet masts that is pillars. This yacht can run on sail power alone. yacht also has pool bar, lounge and hot tub. Last week this yacht was sent to Mallorca, seen cruising around in the Mediterranean Sea. of every yacht. There is a support vessel along with it. The support vessel accompanying this yacht. Her name is Abiona. Diving from the helicopter deck in Abiona till the deck.

Design and features of world’s tallest yacht

Sculpture meets Bezos’ girlfriend Lauren Sanchez.

  • Main mast
  • Ship radar
  • Removable shed
  • Dining for 12 people
  • Hot tub
  • Lounge
  • Lower deck cabins
  • Plunge pool.

Technology of world’s tallest yacht

Engine and Propulsion

Powered by a MTU 16V 2000 M72 diesel engine.

Yacht can run completely on wind power.

Bezos’s yacht has two propellers attached to it.

2 engines together generate power of 1958 HP.

The top speed of the yacht is 20 knots ie 23 mph.

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Support vessel abiona

  • Storage crew cabin
  • Food stores
  • Crew deck
  • Jet skis spare launch
  • Helicopter deck
  • Lauren Sanchez’s Airbus ACH-135
  • Diving deck.

Controversy of yacht

  • The yacht’s manufacturer is Oceanco. Made in Alblaserdam, Netherlands
  • Last year, when it was ready, the company launched it into the water for testing.
  • It had to pass under the historic Konningshaven Bridge in the city of Rotterdam to get into the North Sea.
  • The height of the mast fitted in the yacht was high, so it was decided to dismantle the bridge.
  • The authorities’ decision to dismantle the bridge led to protests there.
  • Protesters decided that when the yacht Will passed, throw eggs at him.

Bezos’ yacht comes at number 24 in the world

Jeff Bezos’ yacht is bigger than some other tech titans’ yachts, but it comes in at number 24 in the world. The world’s largest yacht is Azam which is 592 feet. Its cost is 600 million dollars i.e. about 5 thousand crore rupees.

World’s largest yacht list-

  • Koru Yacht - Jeff Bezos Founder of Amazon - About 4 thousand crore rupees- 417 feet.
  • Musashi Yacht-Larry Ellison - co- founder of Oracle-About 1.3 thousand crore rupees-288 feet.
  • Eos Yacht-Barry Diller - Chairman of the IAC-About 1.6 thousand crore rupees-305 feet.
  • Dragonfly yacht-Sergey Brin - Co- founder of Google-Around 660 crore rupees-240 feet.

Boat, Ship and Yacht differences-

Although anything capable of floating can be called a boat, it is usually used for small vessels. Talking about yacht, it is designed for luxury. It is generally not used for transport. And according to the Oxford dictionary, a ship is a large boat used for the transport of people or goods.



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