Om Raut, Director of Adipurush, Starts Controversy by Kissing Kriti Sanon at Tirupati Temple!

Kissing Kriti Sanon

The controversies surrounding the highly anticipated film Adipurush continue to linger, attracting further attention. The film’s director, Om Raut, has found himself under criticism for a recent incident. Raut became the subject of controversy on social media when a video of him kissing Kriti Sanon on her cheek started circulating and quickly went viral. Although the gesture may appear innocuous, it is the context of the situation that has raised objections from many individuals.

Viral Video of Om Raut Kissing Kriti Sanon

Kissing Kriti Sanon

In the footage, Sanon is seen leaving the Tirupati temple grounds and Raut is seen saying goodbye to him. At Tirupati’s Sri Venkateswara University Stadium, the Adipurush team premiered the movie’s trailer, which stars the title character Prabhas. The city of Tirupati is located in the Andhra Pradesh state of India. The city is home to numerous ancient temples as well as the significant Hindu shrine of Tirumala Venkateshwara Temple.

Om Raut and Kriti Sanon’s Wednesday morning visit to the Lord Venkateswara shrine in Tirupati sparked controversy. Raut kissed Kriti on the cheek as she got into her car and drove off from the temple grounds. Ramesh Naidu Nagothu, the BJP State Secretary in Andhra Pradesh is one person who found the gesture offensive.

Ramesh Naidu Nagothu’s Tweet on Om Raut Kissing Kriti Sanon


In a now-deleted tweet, Ramesh Naidu Nagothu, the BJP State Secretary in Andhra Pradesh, expressed his opinion on the incident, questioning the appropriateness of engaging in certain behaviors at a sacred location. He remarked, “Is it truly essential to bring such actions to a revered place? Engaging in public displays of affection, such as kissing and hugging, in front of the Lord Venkateswara Swamy Temple in Tirumala, is considered disrespectful and not acceptable.”

In a video criticizing the incident, the chief priest of Telangana’s Chilkur Balaji Temple said, “It is a terrible act as it is a pristine atmosphere of the Lord. Even legally wedded couples rarely go to the temple together. In the holy area, affectionate behaviors are forbidden. You can complete it in a hotel. Your actions are disrespectful to Goddess Sita and the Ramayan.”

Controversies around Adipurush

Adipurush, an upcoming film, breathes life into the timeless Hindu mythological epic, Ramayana. Revered as a sacred scripture by followers of the religion, the adaptation holds great significance. However, the very prospect of this cinematic venture has ignited intense controversy, with discontent brewing among the masses. The hashtag ‘Boycott Adipurush’ has gained momentum across various social media platforms ever since the film and its cast were unveiled, fueling a fervent debate that shows no signs of abating.

It has courted controversy from the release of the movie’s initial trailer last year. Fans had voiced their disapproval of Saif Ali Khan’s portrayal of Raavan in the movie. Later, an FIR was filed against the creators of the inaccurate poster earlier this year.

According to the complaint, the filmmakers violated the religious beliefs of the Hindu community by inappropriately using characters from the Ramcharitmanas, a Hindu religious scripture, in the movie’s new poster.

About the Upcoming Movie

Adipurush, directed by Om Raut, stars Prabhas as Raghav, Kriti Sanon as Janaki, and Sunny Singh as Lakshman. Saif Ali Khan also appears in the movie, playing Ravana, the villain. According to reports, Prabhas’ career-defining film is Adipurush. It is a mythical drama that reportedly cost Rs 500 crore to produce. Adipurush will release in theatres On June 16, 2023.

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