Are Girls Start Smoking Before Boys: Nicotine Reach Brain In Seconds

World No Tobacco Day

Girls Start Smoking

The Member States of the arena fitness organization created global No Tobacco Day in 1987 to attract global interest to the tobacco epidemic and the preventable loss of life and disease it reasons. In 1987, the arena fitness meeting passed decision WHA40.In 1988, decision WHA42.19 become handed, calling for the party of world No Tobacco Day, every 12 months on 31 may . Also despite the fact that the dangers smoking poses to health at the moment are well known, many younger humans retain to absorb the habit. The number of young girls start smoking and has increased exceedingly considering the fact that 1970.

World No-Tobacco Day: A Step towards a Smoke-Free Future

Girls start smoking at a younger age than boys

Girls Start Smoking

According to the Global Youth Tobacco Survey, girls start smoking at the age of nine and a half. While boys have been seen to start smoking from the age of ten and a half years. The report says that 8.9% girls above 15 years of age are using tobacco. Twice as many girls from the cities are taking tobacco in some form or the other in the villages. Girls start cigarette before boys, they smoke to stay slim, contraceptive pill. Smoking increases the risk of blood clotting.

As a result of smoking, the appetite decreased, the weight started decreasing. He developed bronchial asthma, persistent cough. Fortunately, reached the de- addiction center and was able to become normal after therapy.

  • 12% Women smoke 2-3 cigarettes a day.
  • 2% heavy smokers smoke more than a pack of cigarettes a day.
  • 40% are light smokers, who smoke 1-2 cigarettes occasionally.
  • 14% women want to quit smoking.

Why do girls start smoking?

  • Most spoke of peer pressure and work- related stress.
  • Increased the number of cigarettes if there is no relief from stress.
  • Some said that smoking causes weight loss. so started smoking.
  • Some choose to smoke to appear cool and independent.

Why can’t girls start smoking ?

Girls start smoking to come out of negative mood and stress. In men many times this beginning is amateur. Smoking has been a taboo for women in our society. That’s why equal rights and freedom for women are also linked to it. People believe that women who smoke cigarettes are of strong heart and mind.

Some women smoke cigarettes to maintain figure. It is a kind of myth that taking nicotine will maintain the figure and nicotine reduces appetite. That’s why they don’t quit smoking so that they don’t get fat.

To look bigger

Whether boys or girls, when they reach teenage, they look at themselves in the mirror. They try to appear adults as soon as possible. Because boys and girls become alert about their body image at this age.

Social connection

social conditions are also responsible for cigarette addiction. More than a third of smokers report that they started smoking after watching others smoke.

taking nicotine leads to more mixing in society. The smokers who were researched said that smoking cigarettes reduced their mutual hesitation, increased friendly behavior and made them more extroverted.

  • 38% start smoking cigarettes before the age of 10.
  • 20% Teenagers try cigarette.
  • 2.8% Students admitted to smoking e- cigarette.
  • 18% Students admitted that they felt like smoking after seeing the advertisement.

How tobacco is spoiling women’s health

tobacco is spoiling women's health

If women consume contraceptive medicines along with smoking, it is very dangerous. The pills contain estrogen hormones which thicken the blood in the veins. The same happens after smoking, which causes blood clots. That is, the risk doubles due to smoking and high dose hormones, which have a direct effect on the heart.

  • Lung diseases in girls under 35.
  • Risk of heart diseases from oral contraceptive pills with smoking.
  • Swelling in the main blood vessel of the body, internal bleeding.
  • Lungs, breast, bladder, colon and cervical cancer from smoking.
  • Delay in periods, complaints of pain, early menopause.
  • Risk of premature delivery due to smoking during pregnancy.
  • 25 crore children are at risk.

The World Bank report says that every day 90,000 teenagers, start using tobacco all over the world. Half of these do not quit tobacco even as adults. More than half of adult smokers lose their lives due to smoking- related diseases. According to an estimate, due to the trend of smoking among teenagers, more than 25 crore children will swallow tobacco.

Second & Third hand smokers

The one who smokes cigarettes is called first hand smoker. Those who sit around them inhale tobacco smoke, they are second hand smokers. Third hand smokers are people who come in contact with curtains and walls where smoking has taken place. Hundreds of cigarette chemicals, particulate matter stick there. From there also they can enter the body. That’s why smoking cigarette in room or car is more dangerous.

Is nicotine reach the brain in seconds?

There are innumerable structures like membranes inside the mouth which work for blood supply. This is called oral mucosa. When someone chews khaini, nicotine mixes in the blood and goes straight to the brain. In second on smoking, the smoke reaches directly into the lungs. From there, nicotine travels through the blood to the brain.

E- cigarette is a fashion

E- cigarette

Smoking not Vaping, Smokers not Vapers. Cigarette smoking has decreased all over the world but there has been a rapid increase in e- cigarettes. More than 90 million people are smoking e- cigarettes of which more than 40% are college going students.

Liquid nicotine is heated in these electronic devices. The steam that is created by this, the user inhales only that. The word vaping comes from vapor itself. Users see it by associating it with a fashion statement.

The vaping that the youth is using contains chemicals like diacetyl for flavor. By vaping, ultrafine particles reach directly into the lungs through breath. They also contain heavy metals such as nickel, tin and lead.

Vape pen available in many flavors

Vape pens with flavors like menthol, mint, mango, black berry, vanilla apple are easily available. It will be available only when a purchase of at least five thousand rupees is made. The specialty of this pod is that you set yourself that in the body.


Tobacco causes cancer

Smoking rates among adults are falling in many industrialized countries, and the risks smoking poses to health are now well known, many children take up smoking every day, often trying their first cigarette before adolescence. It is vital to intervene early to prevent young children from trying their first cigarette, and to stop older triers progressing to repeated experimentation and then regular smoking.

‘Tobacco causes cancer’, this is not just a warning but a true and true appeal to save lives. It has been proved in many researches that the age of smokers is reduced by 10 to 15 years as compared to healthy people. Not only can we stay healthy by quitting smoking, but we can also keep the environment around us better.


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