Digital screen reduces productivity: Reduce digital Screen Time

 Reduce digital Screen Time

It is very important to have focus for better work performance in the office. According to psychologist Dr. Gloria Mark, when our attention shifts from one task to another, there is a switch cost in it. This means that it takes us 25 minutes to refocus after getting distracted in the middle of a task. This not only wastes our time but also increases the risk of negative emotions like anxiety, stress and burnout. These all are impact of digital screen.

Excessive screen time has been found to increase the risk of diseases like obesity, diabetes and sleep problems. Research has also shown that the overuse of devices and social media can be linked to an increase in loneliness as well as depression in teens. Prolonged screen time could also lead to worse eyesight, higher levels of anxiety and stress as well as issues with attention and focus.

In such a situation, focus and creativity can be increased with the help of some methods. Earlier it was believed that the more time we spend on computer or digital screen. The more our work productivity will increase, but now it is not so. It is also necessary to take breaks in between work. This will make you think creatively. Apart from this, identify your peak focus time and plan your tasks accordingly. Complete the most important tasks in peak focus time. This will improve work output.

Reduce digital Screen Time

  1. Track your screen time and set personal limits – Most new phones have this feature. They can help you identify which apps you spend the most time on.
  2. Delete unnecessary time-wasting apps.
  3. Change your phone lock to a complicated password – You will be less inclined to pick it up and browse leisurely.
  4. Set a cut-off time before bed and a wake-up time each morning. Don’t allow yourself to use any electronics except within the set time frames.
  5. Create tech-free zones around the house and make sure everyone at home follows it.

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By reducing screen time you will freeing yourself up to do some of the other things you love. Using existing digital screen as smartphone applications to monitor cellphone screen time can enhance focused or mindful cellphone usage, according to research of New York. This, in turn, leads to higher perceived productivity and user satisfaction.

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