Is AC harmful for body: Wrinkles on the face, blood pressure up- down

Is AC harmful for body

To get relief from the heat we live in air conditioners ie AC in places like homes, cars, offices, and malls.
Staying in AC all the time, coming directly in contact with AC after coming from sunlight, going directly to AC in sunlight. Do you know if is AC harmful to the body? How all this can make us ill, no matter how comfortable it gets, staying in AC all day, and all night can have some harmful and unpleasant effects on your body. Today we will talk about this.

Why living in AC harmful?

The more you stay in AC, the worse it affects your health. Actually, by staying in AC, the moisture of the body starts decreasing, due to which the risk of many diseases increases.

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Diseases due to AC

Living in AC causes a sudden change in room temperature and humidity. This causes dryness. This affects the respiratory system. Because of this, there are many problems related to breathing. Like- Nasal congestion, frequent sneezing, and dry throat. Asthma patients have more trouble.

  • Shortness of breath
  • Lack of oxygen
  • Dry eyes
  • Migraine
  • Allergic rhinitis- The reason for this is also due to the loss of moisture. Viruses and germs breed and spread quickly in cold and dry air. Because of this, they enter the nose. Which causes inflammation and infection. For those who have any problem related to allergies, staying in AC full-time can cause allergic rhinitis. This allergy related to AC can cause problems like colds, and headaches. This infection is also called hay fever.
  • Skin problem
  • Blood pressure– By sitting in the cold air of AC for hours, the temperature of the body goes down i.e. it becomes low. Due to this, the cells of the body i.e. cells and cells start shrinking. Blood circulation is affected. This causes the up-down of blood pressure.
  • Weak bones– It is not suitable for everyone. Only those who have problems with arthritis may have problems with AC air, and joint pain, and swelling may increase.
  • Sick building syndrome– In this syndrome, problems like dry cough, bleeding from the nose, infection, and vomiting can occur.¬† Whenever your body does not get proper ventilation, you will have many problems.

Because of this many other problems also arise. Such as eye irritation, dryness and blurred vision, dehydration of the body, migraine, and headache

Suffocation in AC

The door and window of the room remain closed when the AC is on for the whole day. Due to this ventilation is not done properly. In such a situation, we keep breathing in polluted air.

AC recycles the air in the room. Apart from oxygen, there are many other components in the fresh air, in the absence of which suffocation is felt.

This is also the reason for sick building syndrome. In this syndrome, problems like dry cough, bleeding from the nose, infection, and vomiting can occur. Overall, whenever your body does not get proper ventilation, you will have many problems.

Relation between living in AC and aging quickly

Staying in cold and dry air causes harmful effect as less sweating and more oil production. This can lead to acne, premature wrinkles, and skin irritation. Due to being in high temperatures, even the pores of the skin are closed, due to which skin infection occurs. That’s why people living in AC all the time start looking old before their time.

The mistake we do by staying in AC

You just need to run AC at the right time and in the right way. If you are sick then you should not stay in AC. Apart from this, some things should be kept in mind. As-

  • Do not sit directly in a high-temperature AC room after coming from the sun.
  • After staying in AC, do not come out until the body temperature is normal.

Temperature for AC

the temperature of 24 degrees AC is correct for the human body. A temperature below 24 is not good for health. Experts say that AC air is not that bad. But as soon as we bring it to 16 to 18 degrees, the problem starts. That’s why the temperature can be reduced by 2 to 3 degrees at night as compared to the day. Cool the room by turning on the AC once and then turning off the AC after a while. If the fan and AC are used together, then keep the temperature high.

Gas in AC

The gas which is mostly being used right now is hydro fluorocarbon.

It is a bit difficult to know about gas leaks from AC. There is no smell of AC gas. This can happen in some situations. As-

  • If the AC is not fitted properly.
  • The pipes in which gas flows are not correct.
  • When the old AC tube gets rusted.
  • When AC is not cooling well.

Take care of these things-

  • every year someone
  • Get it serviced by a certified mechanic.
  • Open the windows and doors of the room once a day.
  • Take care of the quality of the gas while adding gas.
  • Always keep the AC in the cool mode for good cooling.
  • Use double-layered curtains to block out the heat and sunlight.

To reduce harmful AC effects on the body, Do these measures

  • Try to use less AC.
  • Massage with oil daily before taking a bath.
  • Put 2-2 drops of ghee or oil in the nose.
  • Use ghee in the food.
  • Use mint and fennel in food.
  • Know the answers to common questions related to AC
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