List of Safest Countries for Solo Female Tourists- Safe Travel country For female

Women 65 or older leading the trend to travel alone. Also one out of every 3 travelers in the world prefers to travel alone. According to research by the Norwegian Cruise Line, the trend of traveling alone increased. Elderly women were 4% traveling alone in 2019 and this will increase to 18% in 2022. But in such a situation, the safety of those women is important. The safest countries for solo women travelers are described here.

Research selected the five safest countries for single women based on Georgetown University’s Women’s Peace and security index (WPS), World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report, and Peace Global Peace Index (PGP).

These 5 safest countries are:


Slovenia topped the WPS index with 85% of women feeling safe traveling here. Women can roam fearlessly taking photographs here even at night. In Slovenia, there is no problem in terms of language, public transport is reliable. Even while in the forest, cities are closed in case of emergency.

Claire Ramsdell said, “This could have been a dicey experience elsewhere, but in this case, it was a delight.” Ramsdell is an Adventure Consultant at The Wildland Trekking Company.


Rwanda ranks 15th in terms of community safety for safe travel for women. Where 98 of the 55% or more women in parliament that Rwanda is number one in the world for keeping the city safe even at night. Rwanda is on top in gender equality.

“There is police, security, and military around at almost all locations and all times of day and night,” said Rebecca Hansen.

She says “It may seem intimidating at first, but you will quickly learn that all of these uniforms are friendly people who are always willing to help out.”


Among the 10 safest countries on the global peace index, Japan has a low rate of violent crimes. There is a culture of subway cars and rest houses for women. Also, many activities for solo travelers to do here amid the rising trend of solo living amongst the youth.

“Due to the depopulation, people not wanting to get married and cherish as a culture our solo time. but we have so many things surrounding solo travel,” said Mika White, she was born in Japan and is the founder of the tourism firm chapter white.


Norway is also a leader in gender equality. ranked among the top 10 in community safety in tourism business women boost confidence.

So, many businesses are run by women only. There are also tourist areas in these. The country is socially tolerant and trustworthy.

“Norway is ideal for solo female travelers excursion.”

founder of Up Norway Torunn Tronsvang said “You can comfortably ask someone at a neighbor’s table caffe to look after your things whilst you use the restroom.” 


In the case of community safety, 98% of women aged 15 years and more told in research that the city makes them feel at night also. By My Trip, Index Dubai is the safest city for solo women. Security deployment at all times for solo female tourists also here.

Sandy Aouad always felt safe in the city, even on the outskirts. She said, “One time I had a flat tire, I left my car in the middle of the desert, unlocked with the keys inside.”

“I knew well that I could trust the taxi would come to pick me up, and I was sure the car would be safe,” said Sandy.

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