Most healthy people don’t go to gym: Kidneys fail, due to over exercise

‘Gym’ started to sculpt Olympic athletes, to train them. In ancient Greece, along with physical education, intellectual education was also given in the gym. Gyms that trained athletes for centuries started turning into fitness centers around 100 years ago. Today, in every part of the world, the craze of making bodybuilding, muscles has increased so much that people do not refrain from going to the gym and taking supplements, deadly steroids. As a result, scruffy looking people are dying while running on the treadmill. Kidneys also fail, due to over exercise.

On the other hand, there are 5 places in the world where people live the longest and healthiest lives. These people neither take iron and vitamin pills, nor go to the gym nor run in marathons, yet diseases do not attack them. The secret of his longevity of more than 100 years is hidden in ‘Power-9’. In today’s story, know what is this ‘Power-9’ and how to keep yourself healthy without hitting the gym. Before this, know at what age how much exercise is enough.

People feel , more they exercise, more they healthier

Most people feel that the more they exercise, the healthier they will be. You can keep yourself fit only by making muscles and abs. That’s why they start working hard in the gym without thinking and without getting tested.

Kidneys fail, due to excessive exercise

Kidneys fail, and joints give an answer, instead of increasing stamina, due to excessive exercise, it decreases. The reports on NCBI show that this unnecessary effort in the gym spoils even the mental health. The person becomes vulnerable to anxiety and depression. Important organs like liver and kidney are also affected by supplements taken in the gym.

When the muscles break due to exercise, a protein called myoglobin is released from them, which leaks through the veins and reaches the bladder along with the blood. Due to which there is pressure on the kidney while filtering the blood and it can fail. This problem is called ‘rhabdomyolysis’ syndrome’.

Ignoring the swelling and pain in the muscles, the muscular system of those engaged in heavy exercise also deteriorates. Not only this, fractures can occur in their bones. If there is too much stress, the joints get damaged for life.

The texture of the heart starts changing

Veins can burst Due to continuous excessive exercise, the texture of the heart and its way of working starts changing. According to the report the body needs more oxygen during exercise. To meet this need, the heart has to pump blood faster. This increases blood pressure. Due to which the size of the left ventricle (chamber present in the lower part) of the heart starts increasing. Heart muscles start getting thick. This is called ‘athlete’s heart syndrome’, which is a fatal cause of stroke and heart attack.

Similarly, methods like ‘Valsalva Maneuver’ are adopted during heavy exercise. In which take a deep breath, then try to exhale through the closed nose and mouth and after 10 to 30 seconds slowly exhale through the mouth. In this way the blood pressure increases. The arteries burst due to stress on the heart. Heart attack can come. That’s why doctors say that no matter what age you are, a medical checkup is necessary before going to the gym.

Immunity ends with ‘overtraining syndrome’, risk of TB in gym

Most people work out for hours every day in the gym. But, according to the ‘American Council on Exercise’, exercising more than 5 hours a week causes ‘overtraining syndrome (OTS)’.

If not taken care of in time, OTS causes serious damage to physical and mental health. Hormones like cortisol and epinephrine in the body begin to have a bad effect, due to which the concentration is lost. Cannot sleep. Irritability, depression increases.

Exercise should increase appetite, but overtraining in the gym can backfire and lead to loss of appetite. There is a risk of anemia due to this. Bones become weak due to lack of testosterone. Due to the decrease in immunity, the ability to fight diseases starts to wane. The risk of TB infection also increases in the gym. OTS can also give heart diseases.

Girls don’t get periods due to over exercise

These days girls have also started doing heavy exercises to make themselves strong. Due to this, when estrogen hormones fall, they can become victims of amenorrhea and periods can become irregular. Due to which the risk of osteoporosis increases. Many problems like hair fall, acne start happening.

Men lose their desire to have sex due to over exercise

Continuous heavy exercise has a bad effect on the sex drive of men. According to a research by North Carolina University, men become victims of ‘exercise hypogonadal mail condition’ due to low levels of testosterone and luteinizing hormones in the body during exercise. This not only causes them physical and mental fatigue, but the desire to make a relationship also starts to fade away gradually.

Bodybuilders taking dose of potassium, Death sentence given by it

Men lose their desire to have sex due to over exercise

Death sentence given by potassium, bodybuilders are taking its dose The craze of making muscles and abs is increasing among the youth. For this, they are also taking different types of supplements. In a report by the web portal surgeon states that these supplements include diuretics, peptides, growth hormones and steroids, which have never been tested on humans. There is no information on the packing of these steroids made in anonymous labs and companies that what things have been put in them.

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Dr. explains that despite this, gym goers are eating them without caring for their lives. Due to which their kidney and other organs fail. They explains that many diuretics increase the amount of potassium in the body. In countries like China, America, Vietnam, this chemical is used to give death sentence. Bodybuilders also take potassium supplements to build muscles. which is not correct.

That’s why taking any kind of supplement or medicine on your own will is like playing with your life.

Not necessary for everyone to go to the gym to stay fit

Physical condition of every person is different. Age and medical condition also matter. That’s why going to the gym and exercising without checking with the doctor can be harmful. It is not necessary for everyone to go to the gym. You can stay fit without going to the gym.

There are many ways like walking, cycling, swimming, which can be adopted to keep yourself healthy. If health is fine, exercise done in the limit usually does not cause harm, but sudden over- exercise without any experience can be fatal.

Why is the craze of going to the gym for bodybuilding and making muscles increasing in spite of so many losses? It is argued that awareness for health is increasing. People want to keep themselves healthy, so they are exercising. But is this really the best way to stay healthy?

5 places where people live more then 100 years without going to gym

These 5 places are:

  1. Sardinia, Italy
  2. Okinawa, Japan
  3. Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica
  4. Loma Linda, California, United States
  5. Ikaria, Greece.

Secret of healthy life hidden in ‘Power-9’

In report  9 secrets were also told, which make the life healthy of the people living in these 5 places. These secrets were named ‘Power-9’.

Walk in the open air, do yoga and meditate better than the gym doctors says that people have made the gym a fashion and status symbol. If not advised by the doctor or health expert, then it is not at all necessary to go to the gym to stay healthy. Going out there to lift weights and do different types of exercises is not right for everyone. You can keep yourself healthy by doing activities like yoga, meditation, walk, dance, Zumba, aerobics in the park or on the roof of the house.

Fresh air is not available in the gym with AC closed from all sides, people exhales and inhales the same air back into the lungs. If fresh oxygen is not available, then exercise is of no use. If you don’t have space at home to workout, there’s no park or you want company, then gym. here may be an option.

How to keep yourself healthy at home?

What to do if you don’t go to the gym? According to the researchers, there are many household chores that can make up for the lack of exercise. From house cleaning, plant care to wiring and plumbing, you can do it all yourself. Enough calories are consumed in these works. There is also satisfaction and happiness in working by oneself.





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