Chines projects causes to damage the world’s oldest tree

Mahabodhi the world's oldest tree

Mahabodhi the world’s oldest tree in Sri Lanka threatened by poisonous gas. Acid coming out of China’s power plant, many children have skin disease.

Toxic acid from the China funded Noracholai coal power plant could be dangerous for the world’s oldest shri Mahabodhi tree.

After surveying the area, the ecologist said that acidic clouds emanating from the power plant could move towards Anuradhapura, where Mahabodhi tree is located.

Its symptoms are already visible

  • The leaves of some tall trees have turned yellow due to the poisonous gas.
  • Many children living in the area have also suffered from skin diseases.

By-Product of this power plant harmful to the environment

The norocholai plant is the largest thermal power plant in Sri Lanka.

Emissions from this 900MW, plant have been recorded more than the prescribed standard. This is because there is often a problem of breakdown in the plant.

While the residual fly ash and bottom ash coming out of the plant are stored in an open pit. these are by products from power plants.

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Due to being kept in open pits, they reach the surrounding areas with the wind, due to which skin related diseases have occurred in children.

Also from hot water coming from out of the power plant, a large amount of solid, heat and water waste also increases, which harms environment.

This acidic condition gradually moving towards the sea area as well.

Mahabodhi is the world’s oldest tree

The Norocholai power plant in the north west province of Sri Lanka is about an hour away from the Sri Mahabodhi tree in Anuradhapura.

  • The Mahabodhi tree is the oldest tree in the world whose written history exists.
  • The Mahabodhi tree was grown from a branch of the sacred bodhi tree in Gaya, India.
  • The tree is considered very special to Buddhists.


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