Wrong sitting causes old age is seen in the neck before the face

Old age starts appearing in the neck before the face. This happens due to our wrong sitting posture, weakening of muscles, lack of proper care and lack of sun protection.

Wrong sitting causes old age is seen in the neck before the face

This has been revealed in a recent research at the University of California, USA. Protein researcher Dr. Theodora Mouronne Barak explained that the signs of aging on the neck are the science behind UC sun exposure.

“It’s a common and important health problem among Americans, and it can lead to neck pain, back problems, and other aggravating conditions,” says Meghan Markowski, a physical therapist at Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Collagen and Elastin proteins

Collagen and Elastin proteins are essential for maintaining the structure of our skin. Oma Agbayi, professor of skin science at UC Davis Medical Center, explains that collagen is responsible for the firmness of the skin.

At the same time, elastin helps it to resume its original shape after being stretched. other parts of the body such as the face and upper arms.

Avoid excessive use of laptop or mobile

Tech neck i.e. the tendency to slouch while using laptop or mobile leads to pain and tension in the neck. This currency harms your skin. Hunching over for hours causes wrinkles to develop on the neck and under your chin.

The dermis on the neck tends to be thinner than in the neck

The dermis on the neck tends to be thinner than in the neck. As we age, our skin loses some of its ability to retain moisture. The skin on our neck becomes dry, lifeless and less smooth. To avoid this, you can use moisturizer in the morning and at night. Refrain from using alcohol- based products on the neck, as they can irritate the skin. Can be made more dry. If a product leaves your skin dry, it could be a sign to switch to a different product.

There’s no perfect posture, just as there are no perfect bodies. Good posture refers to having a neutral spine, where your muscle groups, joints, and ligaments are aligned in a way that reduces stress on them, keeps your body flexible, reduces fatigue, and helps maintain your balance. Wrong sitting posture promotes stress incontinence.

Correct your posture

Pay attention and be mindful of what you are doing in your daily activities.

  • Change the configuration of your work station.
  • Change your chair and the way you sit.
  • Change the position in which you look at your cell phone.
  • Instead of high heels, opt for flats, wedges, or other more supportive footwear.
  • Breath more deeply.
  • Practice Practice and Practice.

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