British actor Julian Sands and cause of death

British actor Julian Sands, star of ‘The Room with a View’, went missing while hiking in California’s San Gabriel Mountains. His death was confirmed after his body was found in June. He had gone missing during a mountain hike in January.

British actor Julian Sands
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Human remains were found by hikers

The reason of death of 65-year-old British actor Julian Sands is declared. A body was found as remains in the Mount Baldy area. Which was confirmed as British actor Julian Sands. Human remains were found by hikers in the southern California mountain region where British actor Julian Sands disappeared.

Cause of Julian Sands death-

The cause of death was uncertain given the condition of Sands’ body, and no other factors were found during the coroner’s investigation. His body was found in a badly decomposed state, leaving the final cause of his death unclear. According to police, the body found as human remains has been formally identified as Julian Sands.

Sands’ family expressed their gratitude by thanking the California search team.

Sands went missing in mountain

He went missing while hiking in the San Gabriel Mountains of California. In fact, the storm was accompanied by an avalanche threat in California, and Julian Sands disappeared during bad weather. According to friends and family of Sands, Julian was an avid hiker. He had great passion for mountaineering.

British actor Julian Sands who….

Won an Oscar for the film ‘A Room with a View’, and also made his mark in TV drama. ‘Room with a View’ was also named among the top 100 British films by the British Film Institute. Also got ranked as 73rd. Sands’ performance in ‘A Room with a View’ was eye-catching. His film was one of the most popular and successful films of 1986. In 2011, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, in which she appeared opposite Daniel Craig, also very popular.


»Who was Julian sands married to?

Ans- Sands was married to Sarah Sands and also married to Evgenia Citkowitz in 1990.

»Which is the most popular movie of Julian sands?

Ans- An Oscar winning film ‘A Room with a View’ was the most popular.

»Net worth of Julian sands?

Ans- Julian Sands was an famous British actor and his net worth of $3 million. So, he was in the catagory of richest actors in England.

»How many kids Julian sands have?

Ans- He have three adult kids, one son named Henry sands, and two daughters named Natalya Morley sands and Imogen Morley sands.

»Cause of Julian Sands death ?

Ans- Julian sands death was confirmed after his body was found in June. Then the reason of his death is undetermined. He had gone missing during a mountain hike in January.


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