Biden and Kamala Pair Again in the 2024 US elections

Biden and Kamala pair again in the 2024 US elections and said “We are fighting to save the soul of America”.

Biden and Kamala pair again in the 2024 US elections

US President Joe Biden and Indian- origin Vice President Kamala Harris will also contest the 2024 election. Both announced this on Tuesday. 80- year- old Biden has announced the candidature of the President and Kamala Harris for the post of Vice-President by releasing a 3- minute video.

In that video, Biden said – When I contested the election four years ago, I said that we are fighting to save the soul of America. It is still the same. That’s why I will contest again. Biden’s 3- minute video begins with Trump supporters attacking the White House in 2020. After this, he starts his speech. Biden described Trump’s supporters as extremists in his video.

Important points of Biden’s announcement for elections

  • ‘In the first year after becoming President, I saved America’s democracy and freedom from MAGA extremists.’ said Biden. He called Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ campaign MAGA.
  • Biden doesn’t mention Trump by name even once in the video, but the video shows a picture of him after the Capitol Hill attack.
  • In addition to the Capital Hill attack, Biden spoke about abortion in the video.
  • Rights and Republican books banned in Florida have also been criticized.
  • Biden said in the video Every generation of America has faced such a challenge, in which they needed to fight for their freedoms.

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Biden is the oldest president in American history

Even before the 2020 US elections, Biden announced his candidacy on April 25 in a similar manner. At the same time, while talking to the media on Monday, Biden had said, ‘I have already told that I am thinking of contesting again.

I will announce it soon. Biden is 80 years old. He is the oldest President in the history of America. Doctors have done tests related to Biden’s health several times. According to White House records, he is mentally very sharp for his work. Despite this, however, his re-election is a historic step.

Biden is the oldest president in American history According to the Washington Post report, Biden’s allies started preparing for the campaign related to the 2024 presidential election last year itself. During this, several meetings were also held with America’s First Lady i.e. Joe Biden’s wife Jill Biden. Biden has made Julie Rodriguez, one of his advisors in the White House, the manager of the election campaign.

Kamala Harris of Indian origin is the first female Vice President of the US

Kamala Harris from the Democratic Party is the first woman in American history to become the Vice President and also the first woman of Indian origin to reach this position. Kamala Harris is a graduate of Harvard University, the University of California, and Hastings College of Law.

She was the Attorney General of California for two terms between 2010 and 2014. She was a US Senator from 2017 to 2021. After the US elections on 20 January 2021, she became the 49th Vice President of America. She was also the President of America for 85 minutes during Biden’s colonoscopy last year.

Till now only 2 political activists have presented claims against Biden on behalf of the Democratic Party. both of them have

No big leader against Biden Harris, So far, only 2 political activists have presented a claim against Biden on behalf of the Democratic Party. Both of them do not have any previous election experience. One of them is Marion Williamson and the other is Robert Kennedy, son of John F. Kennedy, the President of the United States.

Presenting his claim, Robert said, ‘Eight trillion dollars have been spent worldwide destroying bridges, roads, buildings, and infrastructure. While China has made all these things with eight trillion dollars worldwide. That’s why its influence has increased in the world.

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