Biden will contest the 2024 US Presidential Election:

Biden will contest the 2024 presidential election and can make an official announcement on April 25, on the same day it was announced to contest the 2020 election.

Biden will contest the 2024 presidential election

Joe Biden has made it clear that he is planning to enter the US presidential election to be held in 2024. He told a rally in Ireland on 15 April that he was making preparations for it. Now according to the New York Times report, Biden can make an official announcement to contest the election on April 25. He will announce this through a video. According to reports “President Biden has not fixed any date at the moment. In 2019, on April 25, he had announced to contest the 2020 elections. Even then he started the election campaign by releasing a video.” That’s why it is believed that he can make an official announcement to contest the 2024 elections on April 25 itself. However, there are chances of the announcement date being pushed further.

America’s oldest president:

Biden is the oldest leader to hold the presidency in America. The 80- year- old Democrat leader was sworn in as President on January 20, 2021. He had won the power of America by defeating the Republican candidate Donald Trump. If he wins the 2024 election, it will be his second term. By the end of this, Biden will be 86 years old.

During a rally in Ireland on April 15, Biden hinted at running for a second term in the presidential election. He had said – there is a plan to contest elections again. At the same time, his supporters say that Biden is in no hurry to announce. Like Trump’s party, there is no leader in Biden’s party to challenge him.

Actually, on behalf of the Republican Party, Donald Trump announced to contest the election. Many leaders of his party are ready to challenge him. At the same time, there are many allegations against him, which can create hurdles in the elections. Trump is accused of family business fraud, his hand in the attack on the US Capitol, trying to overturn the 2020 election and hiding documents at Mar- a- Lago. Whose investigation is going on. If they are found guilty, they will be disqualified even if they win.

Which party is better on various issues in US

Which party is better on various issues of America

Donald Trump, Republican Party Vs Joe Biden, Democratic Party

Republican Party Democratic Party
Education 38% 30%
crime control 39% 23%
dearness 41% 20%
abortion law 30% 41%
abortion law 42% 26%
national security 43% 24%


Trump told on 16 November 2022 that he would contest the 2024 election

He had said- “I am announcing my candidacy for the post of President to make America great and glorious again”. Earlier in a rally in Sioux City, he had said – “To make the country safe, I may stand for re- election. All I would like to say is that you all get ready”. But in terms of age, Trump may also face problems in contesting elections. He will be 78 years old in 2024. This is a high age for presidential elections.

Donald Trump, Republican Party

“many people will be happy if I contest the elections. Everyone wants me to stand in the election. My popularity is high. I am also ahead in all kinds of polls and surveys conducted on the presidential candidate”. Trump said in an interview.

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