China- Ukraine President’s talks: Russia- Ukraine war discussed at length

Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke on the phone with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Wednesday. According to the agency – During the conversation, the focus remained on the Russia- Ukraine war. Recently, China- Ukraine President’s talks and Xi Jinping had also prepared a plan to end the Russia- Ukraine war.

China- Ukraine President's talks about Russia- Ukraine war


Last month, Jinping went on a tour of Russia. There he had a long conversation with Vladimir Putin. Recently, Russia has restored diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran. China’s focus is now on resolving the world’s major disputes through arbitration. He is also focusing on the issue of Israel and Palestine.

Zelensky’s happiness

According to a report Jinping spoke to Zelensky on Wednesday morning. Later, the Foreign Ministry of China also confirmed this. The war between Russia- Ukraine started on February 24 last year. After this, this is the first time that Jinping has spoken to the President of Ukraine.

After the conversation, Zelensky said on social media – A long and important issue was discussed with the President of China. We discussed the Russian attack and the situation in Ukraine. We want to have good relations with China.

Zelensky further said- Today’s conversation with Jinping and the appointment of Ukraine’s ambassador to China are important issues, which show that both our countries want to walk together.

China is supporting Russia

Since the beginning of the war, China has supported Russia on every front, although it claims that its stand is neutral in this matter. Western media claims that Russia itself is powerful, and from above it gets the support of China. This is the reason why Russia has been able to continue the war till now. However, if China wants, it can stop the war by putting pressure on Russia. The special thing is that Chinese officials never answer that, will Jinping also talk to Zelensky to stop the war?

However, he keeps on talking to Putin continuously. On Wednesday Lenski and Putin’s conversation decided that China is now working to improve the global image. Jinping visited Russia on 20 March.

The closeness of Putin and Jinping is very deep

According to the report, on March 20, Putin and Jinping’s meeting lasted for four and a half hours. Jinping to Russia told to be a trusted friend. Both the leaders also had dinner together. The closeness of Putin and Jinping is very deep. this after dinner also seen. Putin only drops Jinping to his car They went. Apart from 20, Jinping stayed in Russia on 21 March as well.

Jinping had said before meeting Putin – The purpose of my visit is to end the war. A solution should be found which is acceptable to both the parties. I will also hold talks with the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky. These talks finally took place on 26 April.

Jinping wants to persuade Putin and Zelensky at least on ceasefire. After this, diplomatic channels will open and China will take one more step on the path of becoming a global leader.

Experts say that this was Jinping’s first Moscow visit after the attack on Ukraine. In this, China wants to achieve a lot according to its interests. China may pretend that it is talking about stopping the war, but the proof of its growing proximity to Russia is the increase in oil and gas imports. In 2022, the supply of crude oil and gas to China has increased by 44% and 100%.

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