Is Ukraine war will more dangerous: F16 is not a magic wand

Ukraine war will more dangerous

Ukraine war will more dangerous

The United States’s Joint chief of group of workers widespread Mark Milley has said on Russia- Ukraine war Ukraine war will more dangerous also will going to be even more risky and difficult. Each countries will should attain a agreement, in any other case the struggle may be inconclusive, wherein no country will win.

Mark Milley’s comment on the Russia-Ukraine war comes after some US officials said last week that the war between the two countries is heading towards a ‘frozen conflict’. That is, it is moving in such a direction in which the war will stop, but there will be no peace settlement. Due to this, there will always be a fear of war starting again.

War conflict for many years

Russia is also pointing closer to the continuation of Ukraine warfare for a long time. That’s why Ukraine war will more dangerous. Former Russian prime Minister and now security Council Chairman Dmitry Medvedev said that the Ukraine conflict is going to hold for decades. If the fighting stops for three years, then it will pass on once more for two years. this can continue for decades.

Need thousands of F-16 10 weapons

Is Ukraine war will more dangerous

F-16 “Fighting Falcon” is a supersonic fighter jet used by militaries. The USA had given permission to fellow nations that they could supply F-sixteen fighter jets to Ukraine. Ukraine were stressful these for a long time. Zelensky thanked the united states for pleasurable the demand. but, now the USA chief of personnel has said that the F-16 isn’t always a magic weapon. He stated that the price of 10 F-sixteen is 2 billion bucks i.e. sixteen thousand crore rupees. whilst Russia has heaps of such fourth and fifth era fighter jets. In any such scenario, you’ll want hundreds of F-sixteen- like weapons for the sky struggle.

“There are no magic weapons in war, F-16s are not and neither is anything else,” said Gen. Mark Milley. “If you look at the F-16, 10 F-16s  cost a billion dollars, the sustainment cost another billion dollars, so you’re talking about $2 billion for 10 aircraft,” Milley said, adding that if the planes had been sent sooner, they would have eaten up the funding for those other capabilities that have put Ukraine on their front foot.

Features of 10 F-16

  • Speed 2414 km per hour X
  • Advance Radar System
  • Equipped with advanced weapons
  • Range 4220km
  • Air to air kill
  • Can fly even in bad weather

Cost of  F-16

The cost of 10 F-16 is 2 billion dollars i.e. 16 thousand crore rupees. And depending on the variant and the country purchasing the fighter jet. The F-16 is actually more affordable when compared to other modern fighter jets.

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Russia’s army played vital function

Private Wagner Navy turning in Bakhmut to the Russian military. The Bakhmut area of Ukraine is now occupied by using Russia. Russia’s non-public army Wagner organization has played an vital function in prevailing this. In step with America, one hundred,000 of Wagner’s infantrymen died within the conquest of Bakhmut. But, in step with Yevgeny Prigogine, the leader of the non-public military institution. The demise toll of his warring parties is simplest 20,000.

Wagner is now preparing to evacuate his fighters by handing over Bakhmut to the Russian army. This work will be completed by June 1.

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