Jenna Ortega Reveals Insights on Wednesday Season 2, Confirming the Show’s Horror Direction

The well-liked young actress Jenna Ortega received very favorable feedback for her portrayal of the show’s title character in the 2022 Netflix premiere on Wednesday. To the surprise of movie lovers throughout the world, Wednesday’s producers are now bringing the second season of the show, ie Wednesday Season 2, following Season 1’s enormous success. When the program’s second season premieres, Jenna Ortega, who plays the lead character, will move into a new position as one of the producers.

Jenna Ortega discusses Wednesday Season 2 candidly.

Jenna Ortega recently discussed in-depth the eagerly awaited second season of her acclaimed show Wednesday on Variety’s Actors on Actors. The actress-producer revealed significant details about the Season 2 genre and indicated that Wednesday is going through significant adjustments. The second season will mostly deal with the horror element, in contrast to the first season, which was more focused on romance.

“We’ve decided that we want to focus more on the horror element of the show. You shouldn’t take yourself too seriously on a show like this with vampires, werewolves, and superpowers since it’s so lighthearted, Jenna Ortega said in an interview for Variety’s Actors on Actors. “We are ditching any romantic love interest for Wednesday, which is really great,” said the actress-producer, who had previously expressed her displeasure with her character in Season 1 becoming embroiled in a love triangle.

When Jenna remarked on Wednesday’s writing

Previously, Jenna Ortega became mired in a significant debate after making remarks about Wednesday Season 1’s script. The actress said that this improved the show’s writing, much to the chagrin of the esteemed Hollywood writers. On that set, there were occasions when I just started switching lines. When I would have to meet with the authors, they would be asking, “Wait, what happened to this scene?” the script supervisor felt I was heading in a certain direction. And I would have to go through and justify why I wasn’t able to do particular things,” the actress stated in a recent Armchair Podcast session.

The Horror-Filled Wednesday Season 2 can be more faithful to The Addams Family

Wednesday Season 2

Overall, viewers have praised Wednesday’s unique perspective on the Addams Family characters. It was challenging for Wednesday season 1 to truly replicate the vibe of its predecessors because the series isn’t set at the eerie Addams home as in prior iterations of the franchise. If more scary components were included, this would undoubtedly change. Not just in sequences where the family is present, but throughout the entire film, the Addamses’ love of death and pain may help Wednesday feel more like the beloved series.

It feels less like a “CW show” thanks to Wednesday Season 2’s horror theme.

The first season of Wednesday was criticized for seeming to focus only on teenagers, much like other The CW shows seem to do. Since the majority of the original fans of The Addams Family are now grownups searching for something more sophisticated, this is really upsetting. Wednesday met this expectation in some respects, but the idea of “teenage drama” fell short in others. More horror would be the ideal solution as it would take Wednesday out of the CW and divert attention from the love drama.Wednesday Season 2

More horror can clear up Wednesday’s moral ambiguity from Season 1

In Wednesday season 1, Wednesday had a little bit of a contradiction. She first said that she enjoyed other people’s suffering. She then confessed to Thing that her biggest worry was that she would harm the residents of Nevermore. Overall, the morality of the character is erratic and unclear. It wasn’t obvious if she was lying to herself or if Wednesday was trying too hard to make its main character likable while embracing her macabre idiosyncrasies. However, if these eccentricities take center stage in season 2, her morality and character may start to become more consistent—for better or worse.

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