How Countries getting rich from night economy: World’s first nightclub, Colors of night life

How Countries getting rich from night economy


The kids of the new age are engaged in uniting ‘day and night time‘. Trend is changing from to wake up with the sun rising and return home in the evening. During many large cities of the arena like London, separate mayors are being made for the night. The work of ‘night Mayor’ is likewise special from that of regular Mayor. In todays article we’ll know about, How Countries getting rich from night economy. Night life culture is necessary for the country’s economy.

‘Night life’

The first most important thing is to understand the meaning of word ‘Night life’. Nightclubs, clubs, pubs, bars and lounges are the most important part of the night life of any city.

‘Night Mayor’

The work of ‘Night Mayor’ is also different from that of Normal Mayor. They especially handle night culture related to night life i.e. night clubs, bars, pubs, gaming centers and lounges etc. Night mayors are made in a total of 40 cities around the world. there are some cities where ‘Night Mayors’ will be made in the coming few years. In such a situation, it is possible that some Indian cities moving towards night life culture may start becoming ‘mayors of the night’ in the coming times.

Different mayors for the night in 40 cities of the world-

Cities have ‘Mayors of the night’

  1. London
  2. Washington DC
  3. New York
  4. Paris
  5. Vienna
  6. Amsterdam
  7. Sydney

Night life economy of major cities of the world

New York → 2.90 lakh crore.

Sydney →2.20 lakh crore.

London→ 1.20 lakh crore.

Washington DC →60 thousand crores.

Bangkok →40 thousand crore rupees.

World’s First Nightclub

The world’s first nightclub opened in New York, USA in the 1850s. But the light of the lantern could not bring much life to these nightclubs. By 1890, these clubs were illuminated with the light of electric bulbs. Later on, sound systems were fitted in these clubs and live performances also started happening. Then gradually the colorful lights of the night club engulfed the whole world.

Colors Of Night Life


  • Membership required to join the club.
  • People of special interest.
  • Food, drink, play and entertainment programs live.
  • People come with family in a formal setting.

Night Club

How Countries getting rich from night economy

  • The party goes on till late night here.
  • Music, dance and fun Informal.
  • light- hearted atmosphere
  • People come with friends and partners.


  • Membership is not required.
  • No dinner here, only snacks facility.
  • Discount to sell and drink alcohol here.
  • There is no dance or music activity.


How Countries getting rich from night economy

  • PUB stands for Public House, membership is not necessary.
  • Snacks are served here along with alcohol.
  • Compared to the bar, there is a bigger arrangement of dance and music in the pub.


How Countries getting rich from night economy

  • It’s a place to relax easy chairs and comfortable seating arrangement.
  • No loud music and noise.
  • Alcohol and food are also served.
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Expensive Club Membership

By the way, it is usually easy to get membership of clubs. But membership of some club is not easy. Fees also vary according to the level of the club. But there are some elite clubs in the country, where even big people have to wait for membership. The craze of Bar, Club and all night colors increasing day by day that’s why countries getting rich from night economy.


Modern lifestyle has filled life with the same rush. The habit of staying up late at night will take people away from sleep and rest. Drowning in night life culture can spoil the entire social fabric.

At the end, instead of returning home in the evening, the forgotten person can return home in the morning after exploring the city overnight. And now that too will not be called ‘forgotten’. Because now is the era of ‘night life’.

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