Do you fall asleep while driving car; safe driving without blinking

Do you fall sleep while driving car; safe driving without blinking

Many times sleep starts while driving a car on a long route. Yawning again and again, then a nap and an accident occurs. Here we talk about falling asleep while driving. How to drive away this sleep or nap. And what are the things to be kept in mind while driving?

How sleep is responsible for accidents

  • World Bank study said that due to sleep disorder, the risk of road accident increases by 300%.
  •  Those drivers who do not sleep properly or who get less than five hours of sleep, are more prone to accident.
  • Drivers who do not sleep properly on the highway are responsible for 40% of road accidents.
  • 40% of road accidents happen due to sleepiness of the driver.


Getting ready to go on the long route after walking some distance, the eyes start closing automatically. It is related to highway hypnosis. when you have to travel somewhere, many thoughts come to mind before leaving. For example, don’t leave any luggage, don’t be late, if you don’t reach on time, how will the next trip, something like that.

Don’t drive in this time period

Do you fall asleep while driving car

1 pm to 3 pm: After lunch, the sugar in the blood rises suddenly and then decreases rapidly. Due to this one feels tired and then takes a nap.

2 am to 5 am: This is the time for deep sleep. At this time the alertness of the driver decreases.

Reasons for falling asleep while driving

There are many reasons for this-

  • Feeling sleepy due to shaking in a moving vehicle. In science, this whole process is called rocking sensation. Meaning that when you keep moving in a flow, sleep starts coming. Only then do they fall asleep while sitting in the car?
  • Due to medical issues such as the habit of sleeping while sitting, depression, and hypertension, sleep comes as soon as you get relax.
  • If someone sleeps late at night and wakes up early in the morning. So physically he will not be fit for the whole day. During this, if you drive, you start feeling sleepy.

According to the National Sleep Foundation report, the average person needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night to feel good. But 73% people are not able to complete their sleep regularly.

Fall asleep while driving during the day, then it should not be ignored

Sometimes these can also be symptoms of some serious disease. If you get a lot of sleep during the day, are you suffering from this disease?

  1. Narcolepsy
  2. Mental illness
  3. Sleep, Annie
  4. Vitamin B12 deficiency.


This is a chronic sleep disorder. In which there is a lot of sleep during the day and sudden bouts of sleep start coming. This disease is usually caused by a genetic condition. Apart from this, any kind of change in the hormone level and due to menopause, these problems also start happening.

2)Mental Illness:

There are many conditions that cause daytime sleepiness. It is not necessary that there should be sleep for mental illness. But it has been seen in some people that even if they have a problem like depression or anxiety disorder, they start feeling sleepy during the day.

3)Sleep Annie:

This is a serious sleep disorder. Due to this, while sleeping in the night suddenly one starts suffocating in between. Due to this sleep disorder, the night’s sleep is not complete. Which causes sleep while driving during the day also.

4)Vitamin B12 deficiency:

There are many such nutrients in our body, which help in maintaining the right balance with our sleep. Due to a lack of Vitamin B12 in the body, one cannot sleep properly at night. Then, while working during the day, due to tiredness, one begins to sleep.

Fall asleep while driving, do this, you will be safe-

If the driver falls asleep while driving the car, then the lives of all the people sitting in the car are in danger. Here is the solution-

Stop immediately:

Stop the car immediately if you frequently yawn, blink or your head starts to tilt to one side while driving. Take rest for a while.

Partner alert:

Whoever sits next to the driver’s seat should not sleep either. Talk to the driver regularly on long routes. So that his mind does not go to the resting position.

Do not drive after eating food:

Those who get fast sleep after eating food. Do not drive immediately after eating that food. If you are on a long drive, keep eating snacks, and fruits for a while.

Put a chew in your mouth:

Don’t be bored while driving. Keep chewing candy, chewing gum, and fennel to keep the mind active. This will keep the mind active and engaged.

Keep drinking tea and coffee:

If you are driving long, keep drinking tea and coffee every few hours. These contain caffeine. Due to this sleep and laziness will go away and will also remain alert.

Carry water with you:

Carry 4 bottles of water with you while driving. Keep drinking water regularly. Keep washing your mouth with cold water every hour.

Play music:

Music to help you fall asleep while driving. If possible, play a favorite song. This will keep you focused and alert.

If you are feeling sleepy even after doing everything

Even if you feel sleepy again, don’t drive at all. Let someone else drive the car. Or park the car at a nearby safe place like a restaurant, hotel, petrol pump, bus stop, or railway station. After this, complete your sleep for some time. This will bring energy back.

Keep these things in mind while driving

safe driving

  • Keep the focus on driving, and keep speed between 40 to 60.
  • Avoid lane changing, and keep headlights on low-beam.
  • Do not drive the whole night, diabetic patients should avoid long driving.
  • Do not drive under the influence of alcohol and smoking.
  • Keep your distance from the vehicles moving ahead, use the indicator.
  • Do not use high lights, keep the parking light on.
  • Keep cleaning the glasses of the car, and get the defogger installed.
  • Don’t forget to wear a seat belt.
  • Avoid overloading.
  • At least two should know driving on long routes.
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If someone has an accident in front of you, then-


  • First, look around the place where the accident happened.
  • Check whether there is any problem of petrol leakage and short circuit, if so, take the injured to a safe place.
  • In the meantime call an ambulance.
  • Talk to the injured person. Put a hand on your shoulder and ask whether you are fine or not.
  • If the injured is not responding then call a relative with the help of his mobile.
  • If there is bleeding, don’t panic, wrap a cloth around the area.
  • Do not hold the neck of the injured, there is a high possibility of injury to the neck in an accident.
  • Check the casualty’s pulse and breathing.
  • If a pulse beat is not found, give CPR immediately.
  • Also see the organs of the injured, if any organ is broken, keep precautions while taking care of it.

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