Retired out and Retired hurt: Returning without umpire’s approval means retired out

Cricket fans might be slightly confused over how retired out is different from hurt. In this article we read difference between retired out and retired hurt.

retired out and retired hurt

According to the ICC, if a player returns to the dugout without the permission of the umpire, it is called retired out.  It’s a ploy that is very rarely used, which could change soon, especially in T20 cricket. Nobody has got the batter out, but he is leaving the field. It is a basically tactical substitution where in a batting side can replace a batter if they feel someone can do a better job for the team.

Difference between retired out and retired hurt

In retired out, the player leaves the field of his own free will. He is considered out on the scoreboard and cannot come to bat again in any part of the inning. allowing the designated pinch-hitter and the younger players to charge in and accelerate the run-scoring.

Whereas, in the case of  hurt, the player leaves the field due to injury or any other unavoidable cause. The batter is considered unbeaten. That player can come back to bat again in the same innings if the condition of the match and his injury gets better. If a batter is unable to continue batting because of injury or illness, he can retire hurt.

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Player been retired out

No player retired out in International T20. However, this has happened 14 times in T20. Ashwin was the first player to be affected in IPL. Sri Lanka’s Marvan Atapattu and Mahela Jayawardene were affected in the same innings in Tests in 2001 against Bangladesh. Adding 144 runs for the first wicket in just 19.4 overs. Kumar Sanagakkara made 54 before falling to Hasibul Hossain with the score at 269/2.

The player can however, resume the innings only with consent of the opposing captain. In 2010, during a tour game between Pakistanis and Northampton, Shahid Afridi decided to end his innings after smacking 42 off just 14 balls.


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