Iris Fontbona: The Richest Miner!

Iris Fontbona is a Chilean money manager and donor who is most popular as the widow of tycoon Andronico Luksic, the pioneer behind the Luksic Gathering, one of the biggest mining and modern combinations in Chile. With total assets assessed at $21.6 billion, Fontbona is perhaps of the richest lady on the planet.

Early Life and Vocation

Iris Fontbona was brought into the world in Antofagasta, Chile, in 1942. Her folks were two foreigners from Croatia, and her dad functioned as a digger in the locale. She met Andronico Luksic when she was only 16 years of age, and the two were hitched before long.

After their marriage, Luksic started fabricating his business realm, which included mining, modern, and monetary interests. Fontbona assumed a significant part in the development of the Luksic Gathering, working close by her better half as they extended the organization’s activities both inside Chile and universally.


Under Fontbona’s authority, the Luksic Gathering has become one of the biggest and best organizations in Chile. The combination has interests in mining, energy, transportation, and monetary administration, and it is one of the country’s biggest managers.

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Notwithstanding her work with the Luksic Gathering, Fontbona has likewise been engaged with various other undertakings. She is the proprietor of Antofagasta plc, a London-based mining organization that works in Chile and different regions of the planet. She likewise possesses a critical stake in Quinenco, a Chilean combination that has interests in banking, energy, and different enterprises.


In spite of her huge riches, Iris Fontbona is known for her altruistic endeavors. She has given the huge number of dollars to various causes, including instruction, medical care, and neediness mitigation.

In 2015, Fontbona and her family declared the production of the Luksic Researchers program, which gives grants to Chilean understudies who need to learn at lofty colleges all over the planet. The program has proactively assisted many understudies with chasing after their instructive dreams and is generally viewed as perhaps the main magnanimous drive in Chile.

Fontbona has likewise been engaged with various other beneficent endeavors, including the formation of the Fundacion Luksic, which upholds different social causes in Chile and different areas of the planet. She has likewise given assets to help the reproduction endeavors following the 2010 tremor in Chile.


Iris Fontbona is an unbelievably achieved and powerful figure in the realm of business and generosity. As the top of the Luksic Gathering, she has helped fabricate perhaps Chile’s best and most productive organization, and her magnanimous endeavors essentially affect different social causes.

Notwithstanding her colossal riches and achievement, Fontbona is known for her modesty and obligation to have a constructive outcome on the world, and she is generally viewed as perhaps the most motivating and compelling lady in business today.

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