One million brain cells are formed in a child every second: beating children till age of 3 is wrong

Kind of rules are there regarding parenting in Norway, let’s understand it:

Many countries beating children has been banned till now. These are the rules regarding parenting in Norway-

rules are there regarding parenting in Norway: beating children

  • If there is a danger to the child in the house, the child welfare service can take it under its authority.
  • If the best health facilities and development facility are not provided to the baby, CWS can take it in its custody.
  • After separation, the family gets to see them once every two weeks.
  • No violence of any kind with children is allowed. Raising hands of parents is also a form of violence.
  • Also know here that Sweden was the first country in Europe where raising hands on children was considered illegal.

In the survey, 77 percent of the parents admitted that they raise their hands on their children.

In survey conducted on 1790 parents, it was found that 69 percent of parents know what is the effect of slapping children. Actually the parents on whom this survey was conducted were educated and professionals.

  • 76.4% of parents said that they raise their hand when the child disturbs them.
  • 72 percent of the parents admitted that they regret raising their hand on the child.
  • 19 percent of the parents believed that discipline can be taught only by beating the child.
  • 69% parents also agreed that it is wrong to raise hands on children, but they lose their temper in anger.

First 1000 days of child life special, brain develops every second

the early years of a child’s upbringing. How will the child behave and What kind of thinking would you keep? These things are the basis of success in life are made. Child’s brain develops rapidly for the first 1,000 days of life, which is about three years. More than one million new neural connections are formed every second.

It is during these 1000 days that a child’s ability to learn, grow and contribute fully to society is shaped.

Such an opportunity comes only once in a lifetime. All these linkages come together only when a child gets proper health, adequate nutrition, safety, responsible care and an opportunity to learn early.

1000 days of child life special

Childbirth Healthcare: Importance and Best Practices

There is evidence in neuroscience that genes create the blueprint for brain development, but a child’s environment plays an important role in brain development. The biggest job in the world is parenting. Under this responsibility, there is a bigger responsibility in front of the parent to provide the right environment to the child till the age of 5 years.

The child of this age develops the ability to learn, understand and adapt to changes and during this time the impact of all the events on the mind of the child remains for life. This is what makes his personality.

Trend of baby proofing

Trend of baby proofing

To keep small children safe; Childproof nursery is called ‘baby proof’. Means children need proof until they learn to walk properly. The trend of baby proofing is increasing in many countries including Europe, Australia.

In some countries , there are no separate living space for small children to play and stay. They live under the supervision and care of the elders of the family. In such a situation, it is considered a bit difficult to babyproof the house here.

In western countries, there is a concept of nursery in which importance is given from giving toys to playing according to the age of the child. As research is being done regarding child rearing, awareness about baby proofing is also increasing.

A mother, lives in Sydney, Baby- proof homes are common here, she says, with electrical sockets, locking cupboards and fridges, secure play areas all around and age- appropriate toys. I believe such concept can be implemented in other countries also with some changes.

By beating children is it possible to correct them ?

beating children

In families where children are beaten verbally and children who live in an environment of fear, many disorders can occur throughout their life. The child may be expert in lying. Spending time with elders and learning will escape him and he may get addicted to mobile games. The child becomes quarrelsome. Not only this, the signs of insolence are also visible in children. A child may fail to lead a successful life because of his inability to differentiate between right and wrong. Along with this, he may also suffer from inferiority complex.

The parent’s relationship with the child should be such that the child should feel a sense of belonging and should not go away from the parent’s scolding and rebuke. Often parents raise hands on children for the purpose of teaching good things or show fear of each other which leaves a negative impact on the child’s mind. Because of this, the child starts giving more time to himself in such a friendly environment, where he gets love.

“The relationship between the parents and the child should be such that the child feels a sense of belonging, and not because of patent scolding and rebuke, he goes away from them.”

When babies learn to walk, the challenges of parents increase. Especially working parents are not able to give much time to their children. The child is seduced by methods like internet or mobile and the child is busy in the same.

Family architects

Family architects being installed in American homes, will scold parents for misbehaving children. Cognition Builders, a company in the US, is making AI- based ‘Family Architects’. These architects keep an eye on the family day and night through special security cameras ‘Nest Cams’. These cameras listen and watch every conversation of the family and message on the mistakes of the parents or stop them by speaking loudly when they do wrong.

Family architects

This machine collects daily footage and assesses it and tells parents about their parenting mistakes. The machine also tells what kind of improvements they need. Although this service is very expensive, which charges 10 thousand rupees for 1 hour. At the same time, its fee for 5 weeks is around 58 lakh rupees.

Let’s read, in how many countries beating children has been banned till now-

Ban on beating children in these countries

  1. Sweden
  2. Finland
  3. Germany
  4. France
  5. Japan
  6. Nepal
  7. Argentina
  8. Brazil
  9. South Africa
  10. South Korea

Note: It is now illegal to spank children in 63 countries of the world.

France was customary to spank children from the age of 1

Historian Marie- France Morel states that both the church and the king believed that parents needed to be strict in raising their children to be ideal citizens. He believed that parents have duties and rights, but children have only duties.

So the French king Louis XIII was constantly spanked from the age of one on the orders of his father. When Sweden banned this practice in 1979, the French thought it was a joke. Now the attitude has changed, but in France there is still a need to keep a ‘light hand’.

 ‘light hand’ in France

 'light hand' in France: beating children

Violence against children is now considered a crime in France, as in many European countries, but it also gives parents the right to discipline their children with a lighter hand. It is the power of the courts to decide what is ‘light hand’ discipline and what is criminal violence, which is often disputed.

According to Morel, “Few children are being born because of birth control and the children that the parents want are born. So there is a new thinking about children’s rights.”

Violence against children is now considered a crime in France, as in many European countries, but it also gives parents the right to discipline their children with a lighter hand. It is the power of the courts to decide what is ‘light hand’ discipline and what is criminal violence, which is often disputed.

According to Morel, “Few children are being born because of birth control and the children that the parents want are born. So there is a new thinking about children’s rights.”

Wrong ways parents adopt regarding the upbringing of children. And what can be their result-

Bad parenting style

  • Spanking the child
  • Do not appreciate good work
  • Don’t feel loved
  • Disregarding the child’s feelings
  • Comparison with other kids

Showing Screen to Child is Really Dangerous

Result of bad parenting

  • Child’s anti social behavior
  • Child tantrums
  • Problems with mental development
  • Don’t sympathize
  • Child stress problem
  • Broken from relationships.

Shirt removed for beating son, court fined Rs 45,000: French

In 2013, a French court ruled that a man had committed excesses in beating his nine- year- old son. Atrocity because he had earlier got his son’s shirt removed. He was fined Rs 45,000, but this decision divided the country into two parts.

Different opinion about beating of children in Britain

In a survey conducted in Britain and France, people’s opinion on beating children was not found to be the same. In the year 2014, 69 percent of the people involved in the survey in Britain agreed that there should not be a ban on light beating legally. However, most of the people accepted the demand for a halt to the brutal beating. On the other hand, in the survey conducted in the year 2009 in France, 67 percent people opposed the beating of children.

Cruelty to spanking children was criticized in criticism on the British parenting website Mumsnet. The question was also raised that does anyone still beat their children? If yes, does he have the guts to admit it in front of everyone and explain why he did it?

According to child psychologist, parents hitting a child like this leaves a bad impact on their heart and mind. The behavior of the child may become violent or fear may be ingrained in the child forever, which is harmful to his personality. He may be weak in studies, stutter, wet the bed.

On the other hand, child psychologist says about the way to explain to children that it is very important for parents to have patience to explain to the child. Talk to your child as much as possible.


A child cannot be corrected by repeatedly scolding and beating. Nor is it the solution to any problem. A child understands the language of love quickly. It is more correct to explain to the child in a practical way and by mixing, which has a positive effect on his mind and his personality also flourishes. It all means, lack of good parent- child relationship, lack of adequate attention and lack of involvement of parents with their children, all these things cause the child’s behavior and their emotional problems. Which leaves a bad impression on the children.

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