Oxygen therapy: need and benefits, cancer patient’s relief

In this article all about the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy i.e. HBOT, which is being taken by big celebrities. And need of this therapy also its benefits.

Oxygen therapy: need and benefits, cancer patient's relief

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Hyper means to increase and baric means pressure. It means in this therapy the disease is cured by increasing the pressure. This therapy also works in many diseases.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy will give relief from these diseases:

  1. Diabetes
  2. Gangrene
  3. paralysis
  4. Migraine
  5. Autism
  6. Arthritis
  7. Dialysis
  8. Numbness, tingling in hands and feet
  9. Alzheimer’s
  10. Eye problem
  11. High blood pressure
  12. Stroke
  13. Heart attack
  14. Erectile dysfunction
  15. Exhaustion
  16. Wrinkles

Those who have any of the above mentioned diseases can take this therapy. Along with this, you can also take this therapy for anti aging i.e. to look young. For this also permission is required from the doctor.

Benefits of taking this therapy:

Reduces the problem of skin aging: This removes dead skin, new cells are formed. Due to which the skin tone is reduced and the effects of aging are reduced.

The patient gets relief in many serious diseases: This therapy is beneficial for those who have diabetes, cancer, stroke. Therapy can be taken to reduce fatigue, headache.

Therapy repairs damaged skin cells: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy improves circulation. And due to this, damaged blood vessels are cured, there is growth of collagen, due to which the body recovers quickly.

Reduces swelling: Those who have swelling in their body can use it. Increasing the pressure of the machine reduces swelling, which improves blood flow. By reaching oxygen in the body, new white blood cells are formed, which helps the body to fight against infection.

Reduces the side effects of radiation: Radiation causes tissue damage in people who have taken radiation treatment during cancer. By taking this therapy, the body gets relief.

Note: Consult a doctor before taking this therapy.

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Working process of this therapy

According to an endocrinologist, a hyperbaric oxygen chamber is a pressurized chamber in which pressure is created by placing a human being so that oxygen reaches the red cells of the body. As soon as oxygen reaches the cells, the cells start getting new life. And old damaged cells get cured. Then New cells start forming. This therapy is performed on sportspersons, astronauts, athletes, cosmonauts, divers and pilots.

What happens in it after sitting in the machine for the therapy

Let’s understand in some points

  • In this therapy, the patient is made to lie down in a chamber machine.
  • Locked the door after going inside the oxygen chamber goes.
  • Up to three people can take therapy at a time.
  • Patients who have difficulty in sitting are made to lie down.
  • It takes about 15 minutes to build up pressure through air in this chamber.
  • After this oxygen goes into it at the rate of 1.8 liters per minute.
  • Oxygen goes to the whole body of the patient.
  • Oxygen is delivered to the body part where there is pain.
  • It heals the pain or wound quickly and also gives relief to the patient.
  • The patient is kept inside it for about one and a half hours.
  • Then monitoring system is installed outside.
  • Through which the people sitting inside are talked to and seen.

You can listen music while sitting inside. also can read a book while sitting inside the machine.

8 important things about Oxygen Therapy

  • It is necessary to take treatment for 20 sessions.
  • Treatment is normally given for 60 to 90 minutes every day.
  • The sessions are reduced or increased depending on the patient’s discomfort.
  • The chamber is pressurized with 100% oxygen, due to which 10 to 20 times more oxygen enters the blood plasma.
  • The air we breathe contains 21% oxygen while the hyperbaric chamber contains 200% to 240% pure oxygen.
  • Untrained person cannot give this therapy. Doctors also use it carefully, its safety regulations are strict.
  • The oxygen level in the chamber is high, so there should be no fire or fuel- like things around it.
  • Hairspray, deodorant, electronic gadgets, cigarette lighter are also banned in the treatment room.

Side effects of this therapy

Generally, oxygen therapy is considered safe. Even after this there are some side effects like-

  • Falling asleep or napping.
  • Headache in the morning.
  • Feeling tired.
  • Dry or nosebleeds

If you have chest pain, heaviness and difficulty in breathing within 24 hours of taking this treatment, then tell your doctor. Prolonged exposure to high levels of oxygen can also put some people at risk of oxygen toxicity. Swelling and irritation starts in the breathing tube and bronchi, due to which there is a risk of lung damage in some cases. This is the reason why oxygen therapy should not be taken without asking the doctor.

Reasons why celebrities take oxygen therapy

Justin Biber

anxiety- The heart rate increases, sweating, trembling and also shortness of breath occur.

Michael Jackson

Antiaging- Jackson was very conscious about his image. Also to slow down the aging process.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Novak Djokovic

Both the sports stars take this therapy to heal sports injuries and improve performance.

Cost to get this therapy done

The initial cost of getting this done is Rs.20,000. Also the cost varies from city to city, treatment and session.

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