Keep attention for these things while buying a charger for phone

Not every phone supports fast charging

safety features and power rating while buying a charger for phone

Nowadays the charger usually does not come with the phone. In such a situation, if the old charger is lost or damaged, then what to keep in mind while choosing the right charger for phone.

Keep attention for these 5 things including safety features and power rating while buying a charger for phone-

1. Check Power Rating

Whenever choosing a new charger, keep an eye on the power rating. Power ratings are always expressed in amperes (A) and volts (V). It is visible on the charger box itself. The math when it comes to power ratings is simple – the higher the ampere and volt values, the faster the charging. But one thing to note here is that not every phone supports fast charging. So first of all, check the specifications of your phone that it supports fast charging up to how many watts and take the charger with the power rating accordingly.

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2.Mind the Watts

Find out how many watts the phone supports. Take only the charger that supports that watt. Neither less nor more than that. You will find this information in the user manual of the phone. In the absence of a user manual, this information can be easily accessed from the company’s website.

3.Keep an Eye on Safety Features

Whatever charger comes with the phone, it always goes through a lot of security checks. But it is not necessary that this should happen with third party chargers as well. Therefore, while taking a charger, keep in mind whether overcurrent or overvoltage protection or short circuit protection has been given in it. Do not take any charger without such features, because these features will protect the phone from damage, as well as reduce the possibility of short circuit while the phone is being charged.

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4.Understand Charging Capacity

Before your charger gets damaged or lost, keep checking your charger’s charging capacity. The charging capacity is written on the charger. So in case of charger failure, you will have to find a charger of the same capacity. But if your charger is lost or can’t be found, don’t panic. Download an application called ‘Ampere’ in your phone. With its help, you will be able to easily know all the information related to your phone, whether it is charging capacity or charger capacity. When you know the charging capacity of your charger, then you can take your new charger accordingly.

5.Don’t get a substandard charger

Do not buy cheap and substandard chargers. Many times there are no capacitors and fuses for voltage control, due to which direct current comes in the battery of the phone and it spoils your battery. In many cases of battery explosion, the use of substandard charger was found to be the reason. That’s why try to have a charger of the same company as the phone. Or buy third party chargers from reputed companies.

What charger should we use?

Theoretically, you should be best off using an official charger that your phone’s manufacturer has made. If it isn’t bundled with the phone, buying one of those would be a safer bet – all the functionality and precautions would be available. That includes taking full advantage of the faster charging speeds.


A good quality charger has good output voltage regulation, low heating, good insulation, good output port etc. A good quality charger has some certifications that can be identified by the CE, MFI, RoHS mark on the mobile charger.






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