Smartphone ban in Ireland town for children: It affects mental health

Smartphones are going to be banned for primary school children in Ireland

Smartphone ban

Smartphones are going to be banned for primary school children in Ireland. Greystones is a town in Ireland, where parents & teachers of children united to smartphone ban. Parents say that this ban has been imposed for the safety of their children. It is the duty of the parents to find out the content which is not suitable for the kids and guide them in the right direction. This restriction is being imposed keeping in mind the bright and healthy life of children.

The most important purpose of the smartphone ban rule is to take care of the mental health of children. Which is getting worse with the use of social media. This code is separate from the rule banning smartphones from being used in schools. In this, children will not be given smartphones till they reach middle school.

The whole world is in the hands of children through the mobile and internet. They can watch whatever they want. Sometimes knowingly or unknowingly children also go on the wrong path.
Using mobile for a long time also has a bad effect on their sleep. And they start distancing themselves from family and friends.

Disadvantages of using mobile:

Its effects on sleep-
The rays from screens, especially blue light, block melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone.

Impact on emotion-
It also affects the level of imagination and inspiration. Due to this children start having stress, irritability, frustration, and impulsive disorders. Children often prefer to be alone. He even starts distancing himself from family and friends. Because of this, their mental health is affected.

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Parents launched the initiative

Parents Association wants that phones should be banned for children in school, at home, and everywhere. The mother of a child also said, ‘If everyone follows this rule then it will be very easy to say no to the phone. The longer the children remain innocent, the better it is for them. The parents launched the initiative last month. They worry that smartphones are exposing children to adult content too quickly.

Childhood missing

The earlier ten-year-old child used to ask for smartphones, but now small children who haven’t even learned to walk are demanding smartphones. That’s why parents can step in to introduce new laws and enforce citywide policies to stop this.


Excessive use of mobile changing the lifestyle of children, due to which problems like obesity, loss of appetite, and irritability are coming to the fore. by spending more time in front of a screen children do not spend much time in sports, physical activity, interacting with people, and learning many skills that are useful in life. The longer children remain innocent, the better for them. Many research revealed that handling phones to children at an early age affects their mental development. This rule may be beneficial for kids.

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