Want to keep the house cool without AC- cooler: these tricks will keep the temperature of the house low

With the arrival of summer, problem of high temperature of houses also increases . If there is no electricity in summer season, or if there is no AC in your house, then learn the tricks of how to keep the house cool.

keep the house cool

How to keep the house cool if you have less space in your house

If there is no space in the room then the hot air can circulate inside the room making it more hot and stuffy. Sometimes the heat in the house is unbearable because of the furniture or things lying around. It is wise to organize an unorganized house.

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Declutter and keep the room of the house cool

  • In whatever room you have a lot of stuff scattered, first empty it.
  • There is a habit of keeping bundles of clothes, rectify it and put it directly in the cupboard.
  • Do not keep the room dirty, dirt prevents the flow of air, which will make the room hot.
  • Designate a place to keep things like books, newspapers, bills.

some remedies to keep your house cool

  • Keep cross ventilation, that is let the air come and go.
  • Do not keep heavy things near the window.
  • Do not keep windows open in the afternoon. Due to this, 30% of the heat comes inside the house.
  • Do keep the windows open from 5 to 8 in the morning and 7 to 10 in the evening.
  • Put thick curtains or blinds on the windows. If the curtains are not thick then double curtains can be installed, no need to buy new ones.
  • Install an exhaust fan in the hall or dining space.
  • Fill a large glass bowl with water and add rose petals. Place it in the hall or bedroom. The freshness will remain.
  • Plant poppy on the window, you get it easily in the market. Its starting price is 60 rupees. This will keep the room cool. Just keep pouring water on it in between.
  • If you have kept more cushions on the sofa and sofa kept in your hall, then reduce it. Do not put bright covers and bed sheets on the cushions and divan. Remember, the lighter the shade, the less the heat will be felt.
  • If carpet is laid, remove it. Due to this the room will not get cold.
  • People for whom it is possible can install false ceiling, its cost also starts from Rs.100 per square feet. A little money will be spent but there will be relief from the heat.

Tips to keep the hall or drawing room cool

  1. Dark colors absorb heat, do not use such colored curtains, bedsheets.
  2. Use sofa and cushion cover cotton or linen, it will be easy to breathe.
  3. Use LED lights.
  4. If there is yellow or dark light on the chandelier, do not light them.

Tips to keep the balcony cool

  • Whether the balcony is small or big, plant some plants there which will give coolness.
  • If possible, wash the balcony with water in the evening.
  • Green net shade can be installed in the balcony. Its price starts from Rs.300. This will reduce the effect of sunlight during the day.
  • Poppy leaves can also be hanged. Wet it when you are in the room. It will give cool air.

Take care of the cleanliness of the kitchen in summer because heat spreads in the whole house from the kitchen too

  • At the time of power cut, do not cook food in such a way that smoke and heat spread inside the house.
  • Make slight adjustments to the cooking timings. That is, try to prepare lunch before 12 o’clock. And dinner till 8 pm.
  • Install exhaust fan or chimney in the kitchen. So that hot air can escape.
  • If there is light in the kitchen from the windows, then there should be no unnecessary lights during the day.
  • Run mixer and other kitchen appliances at night instead of day.

Avoid use of dark colors in summer

The summer season is hot and humid. And dark color absorbs heat and gives warmth to the body. Because of which it is advised to wear thin and light colored curtains like cotton, chiffon, georgette, crepe in summer, in which air can flow easily.




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