Ban caste discrimination: Bill passed to ban caste discrimination in California

Bill passed for ban on caste discrimination in California: The first US state to do so, the issue of racism was raised in Google last year.

ban caste discrimination

California has become the first US state to do so. Before the governor can sign the bill, it will also be passed by the upper house of the state.

This bill was introduced by Senator Ayesha Wahab of California. It is being called ‘SB 403’. Under this, changes have been made in the existing law and caste has also been made the basis of discrimination.

Caste discrimination will be banned in California

After passing the bill, if a person discriminates on the basis of caste in California, then it will be considered a crime. 34 votes were cast in favor of passing the bill, while only 1 vote was cast against it.

This law will give all people in the state of California equal rights to stay, facilities, privileges or services in all business establishments. Called the bill a victory of the Dalit community, the campaign to ban caste discrimination in California was started by the non- profit Equity Lab. This is the same organization which raised the issue of caste discrimination in Google last year. At the same time, earlier in February, caste discrimination was also banned in the Seattle City Council.

This campaign was led by Kshama Sawant. He expressed happiness over the passing of the bill in California. At the same time, Dilip Mahake, who worked to eliminate caste discrimination in America, called the bill a victory for Ambedkar’s values. He said that it is a historic moment for the Dalit community.

Allegations of it in Google Last year

There were allegations of caste discrimination in Google Last year, the American newspaper Washington Post had reported that Dalit activist and founder of Equity Labs organization Thenmoji Sundararajan’s event in Google was canceled because the upper caste employees of the company raised objections against her. launched the campaign.

After this, Tanuja Gupta, a senior executive at Google News who had invited Sundararajan to the event, resigned. In her seven- page resignation letter, Tanuja Gupta wrote, “For deliberately ignoring gender- based exploitation, weaponizing privacy to avoid accountability. Also normalizing retaliation against those who speak up, my career at Google is over.” It happens . ”

Caste discrimination will also be stopped in Google after passing the bill in California. The reason for this is that Google is a California company. He follows the laws there.

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