Spanish athlete lived in the cave for 500 days: Beatriz Flamini made world record

Beatriz Flamini, a 50- year- old Spanish athlete, 500 days in the cave have come out after spending. With this, her name has been registered in the Guinness World Records. Flamini was lived in a cave 230 feet deep near the city of Granada. During this time she had almost no contact with the outside world.

After coming out, Beatriz held a press conference. She told that when her team came to pick her up after completing 500 days, she was sleeping. She had no idea that her goal had been accomplished. Flamini said- I told in my team that how the target can be completed now. I haven’t even finished the book I started reading.

“I’m still stuck on November 21, 2021. I don’t know anything about the world,” she said after exiting the cave.

Beatriz used to paint and weave while lived in the cave

During the press conference, Beatriz told that she used to do exercise, painting, drawing and knitting caps in the cave. Apart from this, she also read 60 books and drank 1000 liters of water. In the beginning she used to count every day. But then after 65 days she stopped doing so. She said that before starting other projects, she will go to the doctor so that the changes in her body and mind can be studied.

Beatrice Flamini’s name has been recorded in the Guinness World Records for staying in the cave for the longest time.

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During lived in the cave she was under the supervision of doctors- psychologists

Athlete Flamini was 48 years old when she went to the cave, she started this challenge on 20 November 2021. Flamini’s team reported that they had broken the old record for the longest cave stay. The purpose of this task was to monitor the human brain and its entire process from waking up in the morning till going back to sleep at night. This is called the circadian rhythm.

Flamini was monitored by a team of psychologists, researchers, trainers and cave experts during the challenge. During this, they was trying to know what changes occur in human mind and sleep patterns during social isolation.

Beatriz went out for 8 days due to router failure

Flamini once went out for 8 days in the middle of a task. Actually, she used to send audio- video from inside the cave through a router. But in the middle of the task, her router got damaged. For this reason she had to come out of the cave. Her team told that after coming out, Flamini had isolated himself in a tent for 8 days so that questions would not arise about his challenge.

She refused to contact with team during lived in the cave

Beatriz said that during the 500 day challenge she had the most trouble was felt when moths attacked the cave. The Spanish athletes were covered with kites. During the task, Flamini told team not to contact under any circumstances. She had instructed team that like death of someone in the family no contact should be made with her even for serious reasons.

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