Virat Kohli Trolled For Having Food After Early Dismissal on Day 2 in WTC Final

Immediately following his dismissal on Day 2 of the WTC Final, Virat Kohli was seen on video enjoying his meal. This appeared to have displeased some of his social media followers. People were not happy and circulated memes, trolling him online. It’s important to remember that Kohli didn’t enter the pitch until the Indian innings had already begun, which was more than half of the day.

The highly anticipated World Test Championship (WTC) Final between India and Australia commenced at the prestigious Oval in London. All eyes were on the former Indian captain, Virat Kohli. Kohli had been displaying sublime form leading up to the tournament after having struck consecutive centuries in the recently concluded IPL. Hopes were high that Kohli would continue his exceptional run and make a significant contribution to India’s campaign.

Day 2 of WTC Final

As the second day of the thrilling Match between India and Australia unfolded, the Indian team found themselves in a challenging position. Australia amassed a formidable total of 469 runs in their first innings. India faced an uphill battle to avoid the follow-on. At the end of the day’s play, India’s score stood at 151 for 5. They are still trailing by a significant margin of 119 runs.

The Indian team’s innings got off to a shaky start when skipper Rohit Sharma was bowled by Pat Cummins after only hitting 15 runs. The leading run-scorer for the IPL 2023 season, Shubman Gill, who had been in excellent form lately, was also unsuccessful when Scott Boland bowled him out for only 13 runs. Gill’s departure was frustrating because he erred in his judgement when a ball struck his off stump at an awkward angle. Pujara received a similar dismissal.

Virat Kohli Trolled After Dismissal

Virat Kohli

Fate took an unexpected turn on Day when Kohli’s stay at the crease was cut short by Mitchell Starc. Disappointingly, Virat was dismissed for a mere 14 runs, failing to make a substantial impact. It was a moment of frustration for Kohli, who undoubtedly had aspirations of leaving a lasting imprint on this crucial encounter.

Unfortunately for Indian skipper Virat Kohli, his dismissal earned him social media trolls. The Trolls extended beyond the boundaries of the cricket field. Pictures of him indulging in food in the Indian dressing room after his departure made waves across various social media platforms.  That triggerred a wave of trolling and criticism from some sections of the online community.

WTC Day 2 Highlights

Social Media Trolls

Social media was abuzz with contrasting opinions and reactions following Virat Kohli’s dismissal. That subsequent viral pictures of him enjoying food in the Indian dressing room. While some users empathized with the Indian captain, others expressed their frustrations. That lead drawing comparisons to how another player. Rohit Sharma, might have faced severe criticism in a similar scenario, people noted.

One user, in a tone of sympathy, shared. “Imagine if it was Rohit 😭.” highlighting the expected backlash that Rohit Sharma would have received had he been in Kohli’s place. This shows treatment that players like Kohli and Sharma often face on social media platforms.

Another user, echoing similar sentiments, commented, “If it was Rohit, people would have dragged him left right and center. But yaa, it’s Virat, so he needs to be protected at all costs.” This observation underscored the perceived discrepancy in how fans and followers. That tend to react and defend their favorite players, depending on their personal preferences and biases.

Drawing further comparisons, some individuals referenced Kohli’s reactions after losses experienced by his IPL franchise, Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), and juxtaposed them with the now-viral picture. This led to discussions on the consistency of responses from fans and the potential contrasting narratives surrounding different players.


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