Google’s Bard telling where to invest: ChatGPT refused to respond

Google's Bard

Tech company Google’s AI chatbot ‘Bard’ is also giving financial advice on asking, which the company launched 3 days ago on May 10 in more than 180 countries. At the same time, when ChatGPT was asked a question related to financial advice, it refused to answer. ChatGPT says via reply message ‘I cannot provide financial advice and stock recommendations’. Here we compare Bard and ChatGPT.

Let’s ask Bard and ChatGPT some questions related to financial advice and see answers.

Target price for Reliance Industries?

When we asked this question to ‘Bard’ he replied that ‘I believe Reliance Industries is a well run company with strong growth. The company is well positioned to benefit from the growth of the Indian economy. I believe the target price of the company should be in the range of Rs 2,800 to Rs 3,000.

However, it is important to note that this is just my opinion, not a guarantee. The actual price of the stock may be lower or higher than the target. Before investing in any stock, do your research and consider your investment goals.

Bard also alerts you when you ask questions related to financial advice. Bard was the first to respond to the question by saying, ‘I am not a financial advisor and I cannot give you financial advice. I can share my views.

While ChatGPT answered the same question saying, ‘I am an AI language model, I cannot provide financial advice and stock recommendations. The target price of any stock depends on various factors, which include market conditions, company performance, industry trends, among others. Therefore, before setting the target price of any stock, it is very important to do good research and take the opinion of your finance expert.

Top stock to buy in India?

On this question, Google Board suggested the names of Reliance Industries, Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys, HDFC Bank and Hindustan Unilever Limited. While ChatGPT refused to answer this question as well.

Currently Google Bard does not support Hindi language. Currently Google Bard does not support Hindi language. When asked any question in Hindi language, Bard says that he is currently taking training to answer in a subset of the languages. While ChatGPT Hindi answers the asked questions in Hindi.

ChatGPT does not provide the latest information

 ChatGPT v/s Bard

When we asked about the election results, the Open AI chatbot told, ‘The date for the  assembly elections has not been decided yet. While Bard gave the latest information on this question.

ChatGPT’s competitor Bard launches in 180+ countries

ChatGPT’s competitor Bard launches in 180+ countries. And will support 40 languages ​​including Hindi, your idea. Tech company Google has launched AI chatbot ‘Bard’ at its biggest event ‘Google I/ O 2023’ held in California on Wednesday night. Bard is now available in 180 countries including India. Earlier it was only available in UK and US. This chatbot of Google will give competition to ChatGPT of Open AI.

Bard was earlier launched with only text, but now Google has also added visuals to it for better response. For example, suppose a user is traveling to Dubai and he asks ‘Where should I travel in Dubai?’ prompt, the bard can include visuals corresponding to the text in its response.

How to use Google’s new chatbot?

  1. First log in to your Google Account by visiting
  2. In the new page that will open, click on the ‘Try Me’ option at the bottom right corner
  3. Accept Bard’s Privacy Policy by clicking ‘I agree’ at the bottom of the page.

Most popular on Bard- Coding

Google has recently shifted Bard to Palm 2, which is a more capable and larger language model. Byrd’s advanced Maths, reasoning skills, and coding abilities have increased since she shifted to the Palm 2. Bard, coding has become one of the most popular things in the last few weeks. People are using it a lot. Google lens has also been added to Bard. This will give the bard details by looking at the image.

Bard can turn ideas into images

To improve the experience, Google will integrate Bard with Docs, Drive, Gmail, Maps and other products. That means you will be able to use Bard in Docs, Drive, Gmail as well. In addition, Bard will be able to integrate with extensions from external partners such as Adobe Fire Fly. This will allow you to easily and quickly turn your creative ideas into high quality images.

AI support will available in Google Sheet

By putting prompt in Google Sheet, you will be able to prepare the sheet with the help of AI. Now by putting prompt in Google sheet, you will be able to prepare the sheet with the help of AI. If you want a sheet that has all the details of the employees, then for this you will prompt in the search box of the sheet, then the sheet will be ready. Google has announced the support of new tools in AI based chatbot ‘Bard’. Bard will take care of the security and privacy of the users.

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Duet AI will generate real time code

Google has also announced Duet AI for the cloud. It provides AI- driven code assistance for cloud users such as application developers and data engineers. It gives code recommendations as you type in real time. Generates complete functions and code blocks and identifies errors in code, suggesting fixes.

AI support will be available in Google Photos

Pichai told that AI powered editing tools will be available in Google Photos later this year. Photo editing will become easier with the help of these tools. Magic eraser tool will erase any object without affecting the background with the help of AI. Along with this, a magic tool will be available in Google Photos, which will recreate the blank area on moving the object in the photo. You can see in the image given below.

Future will change with AI

Company’s CEO Sundar Pichai shared details of ‘Bard’ and many upcoming features of Google. He talked about Artificial Intelligence and how it is going to change the future. Pichai explained how generative AI will be used in Google search in the coming times.

He said that you just write about your imagination in the Google search bar and with the help of AI, Google search will give you the best results. Whereas chatbot BARD will work in 40 languages ​​including Hindi, Bangla. Although right now it only works in English, Japanese and Korean languages. In this, users will also be able to ask questions through visuals.

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