Young children affected by Retinoblastoma cancer, don’t ignore blurriness; it spreads to the brain.

retinoblastoma cancer

People do not panic so much on having a normal disease, as much as they get scared on hearing the name of cancer. On the other hand, if this delicate part of the body is in the eye, then it is a very dangerous situation. You heard right, cancer can also occur in the eyes. This is called retinoblastoma. World Retinoblastoma cancer Awareness Week is also observed every year from 8 to 14 May to make people aware of the risk of eye cancer.

let’s talk about this Retinoblastoma. Also know what are its symptoms, which people are more prone to it.

Retinoblastoma cancer

retinoblastoma cancer

Retinoblastoma is a type of cancer that forms in the retina of the eye. The retina is a thin layer of nerve tissue at the back of the eye. This can affect one or both eyes. This is a disease that develops shortly after birth.  Retinoblastoma is so dangerous that it can snatch life along with the eye.

It starts as a small tumor on the retina of the eye. It grows very fast in size. If not taken care of in time, can damage both the eye and the vision. In the early days, the tumor is confined to the eye. But if it is not treated, the tumor can spread outside the eye. Many parts of the body like the brain, down to the bones.

Generally, the risk of this cancer is high in children below 5 years of age. Although sometimes older children can also be affected by it.

  • This can affect one or both eyes.
  • The risk of retinoblastoma in adults and the elderly is negligible.
  • It starts as a small tumor on the retina of the eye.
  • It grows very fast in size.
  • People aged 50 to 60 are at risk of getting second type of eye cancer.

Causes of Retinoblastoma cancer

If a parent, sibling has or has had eye cancer, the risk of retinoblastoma in a child born increases up to 50%. Or it happens due to the lack of some nutrients in the child growing in the womb.

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Symptoms of Retinoblastoma cancer

The symptoms of this cancer occurring in children are understood from the following creative-

  • Seeing white flashes or reflections.


  • Color blindness.


  • Twitching of the eyes.


  • Redness in the white part


  • Dim light.


  • Eye pain and swelling.

Child’s checkup be done to prevent Retinoblastoma

The first symptom of this cancer is white glow in the eye. If white reflex is visible in the middle of the eye or if the symptoms mentioned above are seen, then get some tests done to save the child from this cancer. Retinoblastoma is treated by eye cancer specialists.

Eye specialist tests eye cancer by giving anesthesia. Eye tests are done with MRI scan and ultrasound.

Patients who need chemotherapy, their health testing is first done by a child specialist. After that the further process takes place.

However, for the advanced stage of cancer, sometimes doctors give advice for surgery. For this, advanced treatment like intravenous chemotherapy and brachytherapy is also available.

Retinoblastoma’s treatment possible or not

Treatment is possible. But it is important that it is done in time detect means to be found out in the early stages. This cancer is usually treated with laser and chemotherapy. Which mostly saves the patient’s life, eye and light.

On the other hand, if the treatment is delayed, then the situation can be dangerous. Even the eye may have to be removed in surgery or vision may also stop.

Other types of eye cancer other than Retinoblastoma

Apart from this, there are 3 types of eye cancer.

  1. Ocular Melanoma: This is the most common eye cancer in adults. Melanoma ie tumor occurs in those cells which are involved in the formation of pigments in many parts of the body including the eyes.
  2. Primary intraocular lymphoma: This cancer involves white blood cells called lymphocytes. It is usually found in HIV AIDS patient. The cells of the body’s immune system are called lymphocytes and the cells that suffer from cancer are called lymphoma or lymph cancer.
  3. Ocular metastasis: Sometimes it happens that the tumor which occurs in many parts of the body like lung cancer. That too can affect the eyes. These cells responsible for cancer can reach the eyes through blood vessels.


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