Mobile Safety: ‘Remember Me’ Option is not safe for mobile

 Mobile Safety

If you are using ‘Remember Me’ Option in your mobile then this news is only for you. Actually recently Android malware Goldoson has attacked 60 apps with 100 million downloads. According to the research team of security company McAfee, this malware can easily extract data from apps. 90 percent malware android attack the device itself. In this situation your mobile safety is important.


Actually this is a software keep updating for the latest security features. Any suspicious app that targets mobile devices or clicks on a website. It includes viruses, worms and spyware.

Your Mobile Safety is  important to safe from such Malware

  • Download the app from Google play store only.
  • Do not use third party app store.
  • Keep updating your device for the latest features.
  • Do not click on any suspicious app or website.
  • Also use strong passwords.
  • Often the option of ‘Remember me’ comes while entering the password, do not use this feature as it also increases the chances of password theft.

VPN will save from cyber criminals

Avoid using public WiFi. This allows cyber criminals to easily get hold of sensitive information including your passwords. To avoid WiFi hacking, use WPA (WiFi Protected Access) only. Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for a secure connection.

Do not give personal information to unknown websites

Keep your device encrypted. For this, search the encryption feature in the device and enter the password. Install a reliable antivirus app to avoid malware. Never click on links sent by unknown senders, and avoid providing personal information to unknown websites.

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Aware of Downloads

When you are downloading apps, be sure to download them from the official app stores and check reviews. Cybercriminals create rogue mobile apps that mimic trusted brands in order to obtain users’ confidential information. To avoid this trap, and to your mobile safety be sure to look at the number of reviews, last update and contact information of the organization.

Encrypt Your Data

Your smartphone holds a lot of data. If it’s lost or stolen, your emails, contacts, financial information and more can be at risk. To protect your mobile phone data, you can make sure the data in encrypted. Encrypted data is stored in an unreadable form so it can’t be understood. To encrypt an Android, you must first be sure your device is 80% charged, and unroot your phone before continuing. Once these things are done, go to “Security” and choose “Encrypt Phone.” If you don’t charge your device, unroot it or interrupt the encryption process, you may lose all your data. Encryption can take an hour or more.


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