Phone exploding, solution and things can be blast apart from mobiles

Phone exploding


You think that your smartphone is unlikely to explode, but it happens! There are many reasons a smartphone may explode, and it almost always has to do with the device’s battery. They’re a bit difficult to understand why phone exploding. Even in some cases, the incident has claimed the life of the users.

If you have a question like, Why do mobile phones blast, What other electronic items kept in the house can be blasted ? Or how to save your phone from explosion? Then read this article carefully.

Why do mobile phone exploding

There are many reasons for mobile phone exploding-

  • Nowadays most companies use lithium- ion batteries in smartphones. These have positive and negative electrodes, which allows it to recharge. When parts of a phone’s battery break, it often results in phone blasts.Phone exploding


  • The most common reason for phone battery damage is heat. If the battery gets hot quickly when it is charging or using it continuously, then the battery of the phone can be damaged. There can be a chain reaction called thermal runaway. This process causes the battery to get very hot, due to which the phone catches fire.


  • Dropping the phone, prolonged exposure to sunlight, malware in the CPU and problems with the charging circuit can also cause battery damage. Some incidents can also happen due to the smartphone being old or having a manufacturing defect.


  • If you have been using a device for many years. In this case, the internal elements of the battery may get damaged and the battery may swell or overheat. Due to which the chances of getting blasted increase.

Other electronic items can be exploding

phone blast

Keep these things in the house, stay alert, blast can happen anytime-

  • Geyser
  • TV
  • Fridge
  • Mixer grinder
  • EV scooter rickshaw
  • AC

Reasons behind the explosion of these goods-


Reasons for blast-

  • Old or bad capacitor installation.
  • Overheating.
  • Fluctuation in voltage.
  • Not wiring properly.

Mixer Grinder:

Reasons for blast-

  • Voltage Fluctuate.
  • Grate hot cheese into a jar.
  • Water leaking into the machine.
  • After using for hours.


Reasons for blast-

  • Using old and poor quality AC.
  • The presence of dirt in the compressor can cause the compressor to jam.
  • Gas leaking from AC or jam inside the room or AC.
  • If the earthing system gets damaged due to lightning strike or AC running in rain.


Reasons for blast-

  • Boiler of geyser not being of copper or running for a long time.
  • Due to short circuit.
  • In case of gas leakage.
  • Due to wrong wiring.


Reasons for blast-

  • Compressors.
  • Fault in power plug and supply cord.
  • Malfunction in electrical wiring.
  • Bad freezer capacitor.

EV scooter:

Reasons for blast-

  • Battery over heating.
  • Over charging.
  • Wrong fitting.
  • Direct sunlight.

Signs that battery of the phone is dead

There is no fixed sign, but there are some that we know and understand here. As-

  • Blurring of the phone’s screen.


  • Complete darkness in the screen.


  • Frequent hanging of the phone and slow processing.


  • Phone getting hotter than normal while talking.
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How to save from phone exploding ?

In today’s world, phone is such a thing that no one can stay away even if they want to. By taking some precautions and being alert, you can save your life.

‘Don’t do’ methods of prevention are as follows-

Phone exploding

  1. Use original charger- Buy the charger and cable of the company whose mobile is.
  2. Don’t buy cheap batteries- Don’t do this to save money. This can be life threatening.
  3. Don’t talk while charging- Do not talk on calls while the phone is charging. Use wireless earbuds or a band.
  4. Do not expose to sunlight- Do not put the phone on charging by keeping it in the sun. This can cause the phone to overheat and explode.
  5. Don’t over charge your phone- Do not sleep with your phone charging overnight. Overheating may result in explosion.
  6. Don’t keep the phone under the pillow- Do not sleep with your mobile phone under or next to your pillow. Overheat can cause blast.

‘Do’ these tips to avoid phone exploding-

  1. If the phone gets wet, do not put it on charging immediately.
  2. Do not use the phone while charging.
  3. Do not charge the mobile till 100%.
  4. Do not charge mobile repeatedly. Only put on charging when the battery is below 20%.
  5. Remove the cover from the smartphone while charging , it will not be hot.

Why it is dangerous to sleep with the phone

There are 3 big reasons.

  • Using mobile emits radio frequencies, which can have a bad effect on your metabolism and diet.
  • There is a risk of brain damage by sleeping with mobile under the pillow.
  • Radiation emanating from it can cause dangerous diseases like Cancer and Tumour.


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