First App to distribute domestic work between men & women: Spain will launch

First App to distribute domestic work


Spain government will bring an app to distribute domestic work between husband and wife. Spain preparing for launching this year by spending €211,750 (£184,183/2 crores). The purpose of bringing this app is to divide the household work between men and women. App designed to shed light on ‘mental load’ overwhelmingly carried by women. Announcing the measure in Geneva earlier this week, Spain’s secretary of state for equality, Angela Rodriguez, said the aim was to shed light on the invisible “mental load” overwhelmingly carried by women when it comes to domestic tasks.

Spain is a first country to do so

The Spanish government is going to launch an app to find out whether husbands are doing household chores or not. This app will let the wives know how much time their husbands are spending in household chores. The purpose of bringing this app is to divide the household work between men and women.

The app will also trace how much time each member of the household is spending at work. For this, the government is spending two crore rupees. Although no information has been given about how this app will work. After the launch of the app, Spain will be the first country to monitor men and women’s domestic work.

Spain going to launch App

Spain hopes the app will ensure men lose weight. Spain’s Gender Equality Minister Angela Rodriguez told that the app is planning to launch this summer. this app will help you  to run your home better. For example, it may take 20 minutes to clean the kitchen. It depends on whether one remembers to buy wash- up liquid or has made a shopping list.

This can be done to share work at home between son, daughter, father, mother or husband and wife. Right now there is a big inequality in the distribution of work among these people. He said that we women spend more time in domestic work than men.

Need of this App

For many years in Spain, the inequality between men and women in domestic work has taken the color of a legal dispute. In April 2017, a court in Cantabria ordered a man to pay Rs 20.62 lakh to his ex- wife.

Earlier this year, a Velez- Málaga court ordered a businessman to pay Rs 1.83 crore to his ex- wife for 25 years of unpaid domestic labour. This amount was calculated on the basis of minimum wages at the time of marriage.

Uncountable work of women will be exposed Experts hope that this Spanish government app will bring to the fore the ‘mental load’ along with the uncountable work of women around the house. Continuous efforts are being made in the country to empower women and remove gender equality.

In March this year, Spain has brought gender equality law. Under this, it is necessary to have at least 40% women in the corporate board. Along with this, the quota of women was also fixed in the cabinet. The quota for women has been kept at 44% in the lower house of parliament and 39% in the upper house.

At the end Ministry said that “The challenge lies in designing comprehensive care systems from a gender, intersectional and human rights perspective that promote shared responsibility between men and women, the state, the market, families and the community.”

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