Robotic earthworm: scientists are making robotic earthworms

work that machines cannot do, robotic earthworm will do.

Scientists have been working on developing soft robots for decades. These robotic earthworm are inspired by an organism that is generally considered to be of no use, that is earthworm without a spine. However, the qualities of earthworms are quite unique in themselves. For example, they can dig very well in the soil and can easily enter and turn anywhere.

Researcher Elsa Azolla of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences says earthworms are very flexible. Earthworms can do some things that even machines can’t do now. This is the reason why robotic earthworms can prove to be very helpful in many fields like science, defence, medicine and agriculture.

The future of Artificial Intelligence

Robot is like earthworm

Such a robot was made, which is like an earthworm .Researchers of the Soft Robotics Group of the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) have made a robot which can move like an earthworm. IIT mechanical engineer Riddhi Das says, ‘This design is quite unique.’

In this, positive and negative pressure is used to move the robotic earthworm forward and backward. The robotic earthworm they made is like a light dumbbell in shape. Also It is filled with gel which helps in its movement.

Innovation of robotic earthworm is important in the world of robotics

Yasmin Ojan, electrical engineer of Notre Dame University of America, says that “this innovation of IIT Group is important for the world of robotics. ‘This can dig tunnels very well,’ says GE mechanical engineer Deepak Trivedi. He sees great potential for the robot made by GE, about 10 cm in diameter.”

Robotic earthworms can also be useful in mining

According to GE’s Trivedi, earthworm- like robots can be used for mining, agricultural sensing and taking soil samples in other planets. Apart from this, they can also be used in search, relief and rescue operations during natural calamities like earthquakes, floods.

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The camera- equipped robotic earthworm can easily locate buried people by going into the smallest of places. However, a lot of work remains to be done in this direction. Maybe after a few years you will see a robot in form of earthworm, crawling under your feet.

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