Unique initiative to save the earth from polluted gases coming out of AC, fridge, boiler in America:

World’s first plant to absorb carbon emissions from buildings installed in New York, turning this gas into concrete and molding it into bricks . This technology is capable of reducing the emissions of buildings by up to 60%. This is an Unique initiative to save the earth from polluted gases coming out of AC, fridge, boiler.

To avoid winter in New York, boilers are started in the buildings here from morning. The carbon dioxide gas that comes out of them dissolves poison in the air. But a 30- story Manhattan apartment is leading the world in curbing emissions from air conditioners, fridges and boilers.

Following Steps are covered for making these bricks

The toxic gas emanating from this building is being captured under a complex process. With the help of a network of pipes and a compressor machine, this gas being converted into liquid form. Then sent via tanker to a tank in a factory in Buchlin goes. In the next step, done through a chemical reaction. It is converted into a solid form of calcium carbonate, which looks like friable clay or sawdust. In this situation the risk of emissions is eliminated.

Every day thousands of this rubble is molded into concrete blocks by ‘Glenwood Mason Company’ and these are being used to make buildings. ‘Carbon Quest’ is the company behind this whole system.

Its CEO Brian Aspero says that “it is unique initiative, was installed in a building World’s first carbon capture system. It can reduce emissions from boilers in buildings and the entire building by up to 60%.” In fact, New York has to reduce carbon emissions from large buildings by 40% by 2030 and 80% by 2050 under strict climate legislation. Also From next year, buildings emitting more than the limit will be fined Rs 82 lakh annually. And this will increase to Rs 3.2 crore by 2030. So this strict law has forced New York to reduce emissions.

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